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Look Heavensward To FF XIV Expansion's Launch Trailer


You like pretties a lot, don't you? Of course you do. And because you do, here's the launch trailer for Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward's [official site], the expansion which adds no small amount of content to Square Enix's little MMO that definitely wants to. It'll launch on Tuesday.

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Currently open for early access (i.e: people who paid money to call dibs), Heavensward introduces the city of Ishgard among other things. According to the website, that particular corner of the world is in a thousand-year conflict with dragons. Which seems rather inadvisable. Because really, who wants to argue with giant flying reptiles?

Moving on, Heavensward also introduces a panoply of new quests, ranging from location-related errands to carpenter conundrums. On top of that, there’s also going to be stuff like Company Workshops which will allow you to build things, the opportunity to explore the world on airships, new house furnishings, flying mounts, a new race (ALL RIGHT, AU RA!), new jobs, and more ways to be irresponsible with your time.

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