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Final Fantasy XV concludes prematurely with its first and last story DLC

So it goes

After thirteen years of development, the saga of Final Fantasy XV today draws to an abrupt close with the launch of its final story DLC, Episode Ardyrn. Square Enix had planned to release another three episodes after this, each focusing on a different character, but they cut that plan short and here we are at the end, my only friend, the end. Episode Ardyn focuses on the spooky cowboy and his dark past. Here, have some dramatic soliloquising in the launch trailer.

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Ardyn Lucis Caelum is the character we'll play as in this DLC, see. That means a new way to fight as well as new storybits. I assume this includes shouting "It's high noon!" before shooting everyone. Player reviews suggest it's a few hours long, not the grandest premature end to a saga.

The planned DLC episodes focused on Aranea, Lunafreya, and Noctis are dead and gone. However, Square ENix have said they hoped "to deliver something that showcases what type of story we were aiming to deliver in some way, shape, or form" just so fans could get a sense for what might have been. Squeenix giving up on FFXV early also means that they've not expanded PC mod support as much as planned.

The big question is: is FFXV is an anime boy band road trip, what sort of band is Ardyn touring with? I'd say he's such a tryhard sulky cowboy that it couldn't possibly be a twangly western band, no, but he doesn't strike me as the sort to go for the glitz and glam of Dolly Parton-style country & western. Perhaps a Fields of the Nephilim cover band? A Ministry rip-off? Not anything as cool as an anime boy band, that's for sure.

Episode Ardyn is out now on Steam for £8/€10/$10, and of course requires the base game.

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