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First On RPS: Eight Minutes Of Insurgency 2

When Insurgency was first released in 2007, even RPS wasn't around. A total conversion mod for Half-Life 2, it was co-created by Jeremy Blum, the man behind that even more famous mod, Red Orchestra. And now, five years on, his independent studio - New World Interactive - is creating a sequel, Insurgency 2. There's some in-game footage in the game's Kickstarter video, but tonight we can exclusively show you eight minutes of the game in action. It's below.

The game, like the original, is focusing heavily on tactical shooting, in the endless battle between Insurgents and Marines. It's a tough world, and only a few bullets means death. To get anywhere you'll have to work as a team, they say. In the footage below you'll see the high-speed nature of the game, in a bunch of different maps.

Proving you can never predict Kickstarter, the project to make a sequel to one of the most popular mods hasn't caught on fire straight away. They wisely picked a very long run, so despite a few weeks only getting them a fifth of the way there, there's still a month for people to notice.

The game is aiming to be out by January next year, but obviously a lot rests on the success of the Kickstarting.

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