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Flashback 2's new trailer flashes back to the original Flashback

Jungle gymin' in 2.5D

Box art for Flashback 2
Image credit: Microids

The latest Flashback 2 trailer literally flashes back to 1992’s Flashback. Yesterday, the action-platformer sequel dropped a trailer showing off a lush jungle level that's strikingly similar to the original game’s opening environment, but this time things have been high-qualified with pretty sun rays, explosions, and dodge rolls aplenty. Get some deja vu below.

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The jungle trailer is quick to point out the similarities itself, since side-by-side clips compare the familiar ledges and sci-fi bridges from the rotoscoped original, before jumping to a fresher version of main man Conrad B. Hart - who’s just as athletic as before despite the 30 year gap. Flashback 2 could just as easily advertise itself as a remake, I think, if it weren’t for the actual Flashback remake from 2013.

The new trailer is also our most extensive look yet at the game’s shooty and jumpy bits, with a peek at other locations (and our AI-powered gun AISHA) toward the end. A recent press release also teases stealth sections, a rideable moto jet, and a drivable mech suit for a little power fantasy.

Flashback’s original creator Paul Cuisset is back for the sci-fi sequel, along with the original game’s composer and designer. That trio had also returned for the third-person sequel Fade To Black, which may or may not be referenced/remembered in this year’s more sequel-y sequel. Hey, there’s only one Flashback Two, right?

The OG Flashback and its lovely animations are currently under £1/$1 on Steam thanks to the storewide Summer Sale. Could I get along with the classic’s controls nowadays? Who knows. But the artwork is seriously tempting me.

Meanwhile, Flashback 2 is coming out on November 16th for PC (via Steam) and consoles.

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