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Flashback Was Almost The Godfather In The Future!

Remaking Flashback is obviously mad. Flashback is fine already, thanks. But still, let them have their fun, and we'll all switch it back to the original graphics when we play - we're not mad! But a new making of trailer is well worth a watch because it focuses on the original game, rather than the needlessly shiny new one. Including footage of how the game was originally intended to be a Godfather license set in the future. Er.

Maybe everyone already knew the Godfather thing, and I was too busy looking at butterflies to have heard about it before. But I just love that this studio won the Godfather license, back in those days when every single film ever had to have a blocky videogame travesty, and they said: "Set it in the future! Side-scrolling shooter, science fiction, in the future!" And no one at all said, "Don't be infinity-bats insane - that makes so little sense as a thing to even say out loud that the walls are bleeding soup." Fortunately, someone at some level of seniority finally stepped in and announced, "YOU FRENCHIES ARE ALL BONKERS!" and told them to make it not be about the Godfather.

As Adam recently pointed out, the new graphics are completely charmless, entirely missing what made the original so visually appealing. But then at the same time, DID YOU SEE FRANCIS COURCHINOUX'S HAIR?! What a dude.

Stupid-o-news is that Ubisoft have done a dumbass deal with Microsoft to release this on Xbox first, meaning PC release dates and prices are "TBC". So, they've fucked themselves for sales then.

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