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Flintlock: The Siege Of Dawn shows off its gunpowder pistols, axes and big hoofing kicks

New gameplay tease has arrived ahead of an extended reveal next month

A woman has her back turned to the camera as she prepares to fight a masked creature in Flintlock: The Siege Of Dawn
Image credit: Kepler Interactive

Flintlock: The Siege Of Dawn is one of those third person action adventure games I've been quietly looking forward to ever since I first read about it in Edge in May 2022, even though we've seen and heard relatively little about it since. Thankfully, the Flintlock train does seem to be kicking into a gear a bit more now that it's steaming toward its Summer 2024 release window, as yesterday developers A44 Games released a new gameplay teaser trailer for it, ahead of a wider reveal planned for next month. The trailer shows more of its melee and magical combat, though personally, I'm just glad to see that heroine Nor hasn't been neglecting her leg days, as we get to see some meaty and powerful kicks in there, too. Love a big kick, me.

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The trailer begins with Nor and her (cat? dog? squirrel? fox? beaver???) companion Enki leaving a coffee house as they venture into a dusty sandstone ravine, presumably on their way toward the giant upside down Toblerone piece hanging up in the sky. I suspect the Toblerone is the home of one of the old gods that Nor and Enki are on a journey to go and destroy. These gods did, after all, open up the gates of hell and let the undead back into the land of the living, so I get why Nor and the rest of humanity might want to go and have a word with them about it. Words being all manner of bullets in Nor's case, combined with Enki's magic.

We get to see Nor do battle with several of these undead in the trailer, with Enki often rushing in first to disorient them and provide a distraction while Nor goes in for the skull-splitting axe swing, or that aforementioned 'big kick'. Her combat style is quite a bit more melee focused than I was expecting, I must admit. Given the name 'Flintlock', I thought there might be a heavier reliance on Nor's arsenal of guns, but in some ways, I'm glad to see she's just as capable a fight up close as she is from a distance.

The trailer also shows off an alternate costume for Nor, which she dons after resting at a stone altar. It's not clear if this is a special cosmetic outfit based on just the trailer, but my hope is that it's a sign that your individual bits of armour and equipment are all things that get represented in-game - a thing I always like to see in RPGs instead of everything just being names and icons in a menu somewhere (looking at you, Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth).

In any case, the trailer looks promising, and I'm excited to see what else A44 have up their sleeve for next month's bigger gameplay reveal. I never quite got round to playing A44's previous game, the Soulslike (or rather Souls-lite) Ashen, but maybe now's the time to revisit it.

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