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Messhof's Flywrench Actually Really Coming Out Soon

Flap 'n' roll

Way back in 2009, long before the crowdfunding boom, Nidhogg creator Mark Essen (even before he was "Nidhogg creator Mark Essen" - and that game hardly had a hasty release) turned to Kickstarter to expand and finish up Flywrench [official site]. It's a tricky game of maneuvering along obstacle courses, which is me very crudely reducing it because there's no easy comparison e.g. "it's like Kuru Kuru Kururin or Roundabout but not spinning and more a platformer but without platforms or Swift*Stitch with flopping and colours." See? But Flywrench stalled. For years. But!

Flywrench is - unexpectedly - actually coming out soon. "In a month" say Messhof. For real.

Right, anyway, so, those obstacle courses: along with moving, you can Flap to pop your flywrench (that's your doodad) up a bit and Roll to hurl it. Each move turns the flywrench a different colour, which you need to do to pass colour-coded gates. So you try to dodge obstacles while also trying to be the right colour when needed - which obviously isn't necessarily a colour that's convenient for you at the time. This is from a vague recollection of the prototype released in 2007, but seems to be about right going by this here new trailer:

Flywrench is coming to Windows and Mac via Steam in a month-ish.

[Disclosure: Flywrench's soundtrack is being "curated" by Daedalus, a musician who once performed at an event I helped organise. He crashed round ours afterwards in the boys' room, which I must confess I burst into late that night yelling "PANTY RAID!" I did not raid any panties.]

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