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FMV DOA + Plumbers Don't Wear Ties!

It's the sort of thing I'd save for the Sunday Papers but Richard Cobbett's - Videogames Journalism's answer to Livy - piece on the rise and fall (or rather birth and early death) of FMV games is so comprehensive it deserves a post of its own. Go read it here. Anyone got fond memories of any of them? Best of all, Cobbett unearths the legendarily infamous Plumbers Don't Wear Ties, which is playable, in its entirety, via Interactive Youtube videos. You've probably made jokes about it, but have you ever played it? Do so below...

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My jaw was gaping from "That hot little mouse of yours" onwards. Sadly, it's not quite complete, because the clearly perverted ending I went directly for has been removed. Oh noes!

You know, after all the jokes, over all the years, I'm amazed. Now that I've finally played it, it really is as bad as legend has it. I'm kind of astounded. That said, I do kind of approve of the story-hijacking. John can roll out his Brechtian analysis or something.

Really, I can't get over this. I've just accidentally closed my window and I'm afraid to go back.

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