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Football Manager 2023 scores a PC and Game Pass release date of November 8th

Cross it in – to your diary

Football Manager 2023 starts its career on November 8th, publishers Sega have announced today, and it’s also coming to Game Pass on launch day alongside its regular PC release. Put on your warmest big coat and take a glance at the stats-heavy trailer below.

Cover image for YouTube videoFootball Manager 2023 | Release Date | #FM23 Announce Trailer

Sega and devs Sports Interactive have managed to score some new licences for Football Manager 2023. They’d be the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League and UEFA Conference League. That’s a lot of UEFAs. Reveals of more new features are being promised in the run up to the game’s launch in November, which you’ll be able to scout out on the Football Manager social media and site.

The standout change for this year is that anyone grabbing themselves a physical PC copy will find that there’s a flappy piece of paper inside instead of a disc. You’ll be able to redeem the code printed thereon via Steam, the Epic Games Store or the Microsoft Store. I know, but it’s 2022. Or let’s just pretend it’s 2023 like they’re doing. Here in 2023, we’ve saved the planet because the disc and notebook aren’t inside Football Manager’s plastic case anymore, thereby reducing the carbon footprint by – checks notes – 47% compared to the previous year’s game. That almost makes it a game of two halves, or something.

I’ve never particularly fancied the Beautiful Game much. I’ll get that out of the way now because, rightly or wrongly, it’s considered unusual for a bloke such as myself to not speak 110% fluent Football. I’m not sure I’d get on with Football Manager, but since it's coming to Game Pass I might as well give it a go at some point.

Other RPS writers have been successfully footballed during their existence though. Probably none more so than Daniel Curtis, who once sped us forward to the year 2049 to explain how he’d played Football Manager 2012 for 37 seasons. Daniel also engaged in some spectacular brinkmanship with the players of sixth-tier team Brackley Town over one player named Glenn. Is real football this dramatic?

Football Manager 2023 takes aim at the goal box on November 8th. It’s 20% off before launch at Sega-approved digital retailers, apparently, with around two weeks of early access on PC and Mac only. This year’s instalment is also coming to PlayStation 5 and Apple Arcade for the first time.

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