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Forager scavenges up a roadmap for future updates

Forage with friends

Cute-o-colourful idle-ish gather ‘em up Forager will continue to grow through the rest of the year. Developers HopFrog have crafted a roadmap for updates that “will focus on increasing gameplay length and adding replayability.” Everything from quality of life changes to mod support to multiplayer is scheduled for the upcoming months, so there'll be plenty of ways to continue hoovering up every last resource in your quest to become the ultimate foraging machine.

The post on Steam details the player feedback that the developers are looking to address. In summary, people want more. Not only are HopFrog looking to make sure the game doesn’t “end too soon” (though 20 hours sounds like a lot of foraging to me), they’re also addressing the balance between idle and player-driven progress in order to keep the pacing at a nice flow.

Some of that should be coming this month, including weather effects and an improved options menu. Then, this summer, there’ll be the “combat update,” including a new biome, hard mode, and new enemies. Come the autumn, clever crafters will be able to make their own biomes, items, structures and more thanks to mod support. And then in the cold winter you’ll be able to cozy up and play with some friends, as well as exploring “new lands” and “new items.”

Jeremy Peel wrote a lovely Forager review, which, like all good games reviews, begins with an anecdote about picking blackberries and ends with some suggestions of what else to do while letting the game continue its blissful idle progress. “Forager with Queer Eye, Forager with Terrace House. Forager with cheese, or wine, or a healthy whine to a mate over the phone,” he says. Personally, I think I should get into it while I scale this endless mountain of podcasts that accumulates every single week.

Is this post just an excuse for me to daydream about how much I want to play Forager while my workload overflows and my list of games to check out stretches far into the distance? Maybe.

You too can fall down a Forager hole by purchasing it for £14.99/$19.99/€19.99 on Steam, Humble, or GOG.

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