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Check out this wild-looking follow-up to one of 2021's weirdest games

Everhood 2 hits to the beat

A large green globe cackles at a small human in Everhood 2
Image credit: Foreign Gnomes

Earlier this week, self-proclaimed "unconventional ARPG" Everhood 2 was revealed as part of IGN's Summer of Gaming, and yep, it's looking like a suitably weird follow-up to its 2021 predecessor. According to a press release, the sequel is due out in early 2025, so about a year and a half away as it stands, and you'll of course be able to pick it up on Steam when it does. Come and watch its reveal trailer below.

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You play a lost soul who finds themselves at the centre of a cosmic conflict after waking up in a strange world between different realities. A raven promises to return your voice if you slay the mighty Mind Dragon, according to its Steam page, but you'll need to complete several tasks before you accumulate enough power to do so, and, err, engage in rhythm action musical set pieces? All right, I'm sold.

If you aren't familiar with the first Everhood, vibes-wise you'll almost definitely get along with it if you're a fan of Undertale. It definitely has its own thing going on, though, and the trailer makes plain that it's not called an "unconventional ARPG" for nothing.

From the looks of things, it doesn't look like Everhood 2 is a direct sequel to the first game, though, so you likely won't need to play the first to understand the second. Although if it's anything like what Delta Rune is to Undertale, I also wouldn't be surprised if there are a few connections in there.

In a statement, Foreign Gnomes co-founder Chris Nordgren said, "Releasing Everhood in 2021 changed our lives, and we’re preparing to share a bigger and stranger world with everyone. We’re aiming to make a super-polished experience for newcomers, but for fans of the original… we’ve got plenty of mysteries for you to uncover." Certainly sounds like you'll find some connections, then…

To find out more, head on over to Everhood 2's Steam page.

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