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Petroglyph's unit-customising RTS Forged Battalion hits early access

The warman of your dreams

Petroglyph Games, the studio behind such real-time strategy games as Star Wars: Empire at War and Grey Goo, are back with another clickwar. Forged Battalion is its name, and letting players customise units with a wide variety of chassis and weapons is its game. It's mighty colourful too. Forged Batallion will properly launch later this year but, if you really want to build giant robot dogs which hose enemies with acid, as of today it's available in early access. Here, have a peek in this here new trailer:

Cover image for YouTube video

You know RTSs: build bases, build units, click your units onto other units so they fight 'em until the baddies explode. Only these are units you can customise the dickens out of, picking the base model, different weapons from machine guns to glue grenades, and perks like stealth or regen. I do like tinkering with units in games, and hopefully the bold cartoony style will help make a unit's precise loadout clear at a look - especially in multiplayer.

In its initial early access state, Forged Battalion packs one quarter of the game's story campaign and competitive multiplayer for up to eight players. Over the next six or so months, Petroglyph plan to flesh the game out with the rest of the campaign and new maps and modes, while also responding to feedback in that early access way.

Forged Battalion costs £13.16/€16.99/$16.99 on Steam Early Access, which includes a 15% discount available for the next week. It's published by Team 17, the Worms mob.

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