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Fortnite Battle Royale tossing remote explosives around

For tricksters and trappers

Remote explosives are always video game weapons I wish I were devious or patient enough to use properly. I'm like a child who can't help but ruin a surprise birthday party by shouting "SURPRISE" the second they hear keys in the lock. But you know what, a little premature explosion in a battle royale game helps keep things surprising for your squadmates too; that's my story and I am sticking to it. Fortnite Battle Royale added remotely-detonated explosives in its latest update this week, so watch your step.

The new remote explosives are, y'know, blocks of explosive you can hurl down then detonate at a distance by pressing the little red button. As well as being good for traps, they'll do a number on structures too. They're of Rare rarity, and can be found in Treasure Chests, Floor Loot, Supply Drops, or the new Supply Llamas.

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Those Llama loot piñatas are super-rare chests containing 500 Wood, Stone, and Metal, along with 10 stacks of each ammo type and 3 traps and consumables. They really are rare though, with only three spawning per match in random places around the map.

And Battle Royale's next limited event mode, beginning on Monday the 19th, will be Blitz. It'll have shorter rounds which begin with the storm circle already shrinking and throw more loot and ammo all over the island.

Gang, do tell us about your remote trickery. Let me vicariously live like a patient person.

See the version 3.3 patch notes for more on the update, which brings new things to both Fortnite's free-to-play Battle Royale mode and the paid sandbox survival doodad.

Side note: Epic today disabled the Boogie Bomb (temporarily) due to a glitch that let people carry unlimited weapons. It'll be back once that's fixed.

In Fortnite: Save The World mode, Epic are celebrating Saint Patrick's Day as only Americans can.


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