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Fortnite ditches the other 98 combatants for a one-on-one mech-kaiju clash

Orb is the new cube

Fortnite Battle Royale has once again laid down its weapons for a brief time. At least, its human inhabitants did, the better to watch a clash between a kaiju from the depths and a tacked together robot, each bent on destroying the other. These kinds of events have apparently become such a draw for players invested in the weird world surrounding Epic’s battle royale that they mind spoilers, so, watch out! Spoilers!

If you’re out of the Fortloop, Matt broke down how we got to this point earlier this week. Both monster and robot have been about for a while, the former being rudely awoken by season eight’s asteroid crash and the latter being built inside of the big volcano in response. Yesterday the two faced off, which looked like this, as captured by "Enzait" on YouTube.

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The mech’s stapled together look full of mismatched limbs and a bubblegum pink bear head is so good. It might be a grand showdown, but Fortnite sticks to its guns on keeping the mood light. Of course it single-arm flosses over the dead body of the kaiju.

I do hope they’re alright and have some kind of moon base to live out the rest of their days on, rather than just becoming abandoned space debris.

The island is a nice sturdy place, none too affected by this showdown. The monster’s skull is now speared into it, somehow already covered in moss, which may give a suitable ambience for one of your own showdowns. There’s also an ominous energy orb that seems to be changing in appearance even as we speak.

It’s intriguing that there aren’t official cinematic of events like this. They’re one of the things that keep Fortnite ahead of the pack (and the developers crunching), refreshing the battleground and keeping people interested as to what will happen next, but to see exactly how it went down you have to go through outside channels.

This drama should herald the beginning of season 10 soon, and the World Cup finals hit next week, allowing pros to fight it out in creative, duos, and alone over three days in New York City.

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