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Fortnite Battle Royale

18 hours ago

Fortnite’s Infinity Blade homage has hacked off the fun

After pulling the plug on their Infinity Blade series of mobile action-RPGs this week, Epic added the eponymous sword to Fortnite Battle Royale - and now Fortnite players are upset about Infinity Blade too. Only one supersword is available on the whole map but whoever pulls it from the stone atop an icy mountain will go on to wreck faces. Cleaving bone and brick alike…

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1 week ago

Feature: How a Japanese comic gave birth to a video game genre

How Battle Royale went from a manga to a Fortnite game mode

When you hear the words “battle royale”, most people in 2018 immediately think of the trigger-happy Plunkbat or the cheery Fortnite. But a decade ago, those same words only evoked bleak battles between crying teens, fought on the black-and-white pages of a manga -- a Japanese comic. Art doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Creators absorb ideas and translate them to different mediums, in a web…

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Fortnite season 7 takes to the snowy skies today

An iceberg has smashed into Fortnite Battle Royale, freezing over a big corner of the island and kicking off the free-to-play shooter's Season 7. One corner of the island is now covered in snow and ice, with ziplines running between peaks, and chuffing flyable warplanes are buzzing around its skies. Today also brings the debut of Fortnite Creative, a mode based on Battle Royale's Playground…

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Fortnite Creative is a powerful sandbox mode for the battle royale juggernaut

Epic Games have announced the big new feature for Fortnite's seventh season: Fortnite Creative, a free construction sandbox where players can build their own custom multiplayer modes alone or with pals. Formally announced here, it looks a lot like the Forge mode from later Halo games, and a lot more fleshed out than the earlier Playground mode. Multiple island maps to build on, a sack of…

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Fortnite dance creator to pursue legal action against Epic

American rapper 2 Milly has engaged lawyers to take legal against Epic Games for copying his 'Milly Rock' dance for an emote they sold in Fortnite Battle Royale without paying, asking, or even crediting him. 2 Milly has expressed frustration over this before, as have a number of other people who felt their moves were copied by Epic's mega-hit game. Exactly what the lawyers will…

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Epic to launch their own Steam-rival store, cutting a better deal for devs

In especially well-timed fashion, Epic Games - they of the Unreal Engine and Fortnite - have announced they're going head to head with Steam with the Epic Games Store. The new storefront will open via web and the Epic Games Launcher before the end of 2018. Enticingly for developers, Epic have announced that they'll only be taking a flat 12% cut of revenue, less than…

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2 weeks ago

Fortnite’s cross-platform account merging delayed until early 2019

While Epic have done well kicking down boundaries between platforms to allow Fortnite servers to be shared by PC and console folk alike, those with multiple systems still have a wait ahead of them. While you're still free to hop between platforms and link accounts to share all present and future rewards, plans to let players merge old hoards and progress between systems have been delayed. Originally…

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3 weeks ago

Fortnite has made an 8 year old’s fowl dream come true

Y'know how on Friday the news sacks it off to lark about with lighthearted stories? Skateboarding Otter Saves Orphans From Towering Inferno. Child Falls Over But It's Funny. Groom Wears Beard Of Bees To Wedding. That sort of thing. Here's one for you: the latest character skin added to Fortnite Battle Royale is an armoured chickenman sparked by an idea and scrappy drawing from an…

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4 weeks ago

More dance creators speak against Fortnite copying their moves

While Fortnite Battle Royale's emotes have brought many dances to mainstream popularity, seen everywhere prom halls to football pitches, the artists who actually created those dances haven't always been best thrilled by Epic jacking them. Not only are Epic apparently not paying to use dances in their mega-successful shooter, they're not asking permission or often even informing the creators. Rapper 2 Milly last week said…

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Battle of the burg: Fortnite launches Food Fight event mode

Burgers or pizza? It's a question which has started playground debates, late-night arguments, and surely a fistfight or two. Fortnite Battle Royale aims to settle the question via the medium of digital megaviolence in a new event mode, Food Fight, where two teams of 12 with burgheads or tomatofaces must defend their hallowed restaurant mascot from enemy heretics. Yes, you really will need to get…

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1 month ago

Fortnite’s mysterious cube ‘Kevin’ has exploded in a live event

And so, the giant mystical cube known to its admirers as Kevin has returned to his own world. After weeks of being at the heart of mysterious goings-on in Fortnite Battle Royale, from corrupting the ground with runes to a zombie infestation, our purple pal exploded in a one-off live in-game event. Players who were in-game at 6pm today could see the cube charge up…

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Fortnite adds balloons, might be about to send off Kevin

No party is complete without balloons. Fortnite Battle Royale becomes more like a ten-year-old's birthday do with every update - only with more machine guns. And helium balloons with enough lift to send you, a friend and your shopping trolley skywards. Those balloons landed (floated?) with today's update, but the Fortnite freight train of news doesn't stop there. Epic Games have lined up another in-game…

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2 months ago

Fortnite’s Halloween zombie invasion stumbles as it launches

Betrayal! Once thought benevolent for its shield-giving and bouncy properties, Fortnite Battle Royale's once-beloved purple cube (affectionately named Kevin by players) has turned heel for Halloween. Beginning the new Fortnitemares event, the formerly friendly block of rune-daubed jelly is summoning NPC undead hordes into the popular shooter. The zombies appear to have taken a bite out of the server infrastructure, and Epic have postponed the…

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Fortnite: Save The World’s free-to-play launch delayed out 2018

The game once known as 'Fortnite' will not leave paid early access and launch free-to-play this year as planned, Epic Games have said. They've delayed Fortnite: Save The World's F2P launch as they want more time to make sure it's proper good and stable for the hordes of potential players expected to flood in when it switches. It did seem that Fortnite might vanish without…

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What are you up to, Kevin?

Listen up, Molyneux, because Epic Games know how to do a cube. Kevin (I don't know who first named the cube Kevin) is pulsating. Kevin first showed up in season five of Fortnite Battle Royale, when it took to romping about stamping glyphs all over the map. Then it rose up underneath Loot Lake, creating a floating island with a vortex underneath that you can…

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Fortnite introduces automated competition and smashing quad bike

For serious fraggers who wish to challenge themselves and prove their chops, today's Fortnite Battle Royale update introduces an in-game tournament system for regular automated competitions. For twats who wish to lark about making smashing things and making loud noises, the update also added a jet-boosted quad bike with a plough on the front which can smash through buildings. I know which I'm spending more…

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A wall-destroying quad bike will soon crash into Fortnite

You think you're safe, tucked up in that tower of yours. The tried and tested lattice beneath you stands firm, far too robust for explosives or hammers to rob you of your lofty hideaway. Then you hear it. An ominous purr. A splintering of wood. A quad bike is about to ride up to Fortnite Battle Royale. He's got an angry face, and a functional…

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It’s murder on the dancefloor in Fortnite’s new 50v50 mode

I mostly play Fortnite Battle Royale for the 50v50 megamurder event modes, so I'm glad to see a new one arrive in today's update. Disco Domination is its name, and... disco domination is also its game. It's a control point mode where both teams are trying to capture dancefloors by boogying on 'em, then holding them by murdering would-be disco invaders. Like other 50v50 modes,…

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Epic Games buy makers of Easy Anti-Cheat

Epic Games, the makers of Jazz Jackrabbit 2 and bona fide cultural phenomenon Fortnite Battle Royale, have bought the company behind cheat-smashing software Easy Anti-Cheat. Epic already use Kamu's tools in Fortnite, and now they own the whole dang company. Kamu say they'll still work with other developers and game engines, not just Epic's stuff. And Epic say they'll use this opportunity to befriend more…

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Fortnite’s Support-A-Creator event lets entertainers benefit from fans’ in-game purchases

Quite a few people play Fortnite Battle Royale, to put it mildly. But the game’s also become a global spectator sport, with tens of thousands of people watching others play on Twitch at any given time. Starting from next week, the Support-A-Creator event will give these community leaders a cut of what their fans spend in game.

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