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Fortnite's Halloween update shrank its scary install size by 60GB

It's now down to a polite 27GB

Back when Fortnite first came out in 2018, it had the very polite install size of around 20GB. Having not played it for ages, I had no idea that it'd managed to beef all the way up to 90GB. Thankfully, that's not the case any longer, though, because today's update chopped it all down by 60GB. On top of that, it added a load of snazzy new Halloween stuff, too.

If you've yet to download said update, Epic Games have given a little warning that it's a bit larger than usual. While the patch is around 27GB to download, it ultimately means future updates will be a bit smaller, and loading times should be better as well. And, of course, the big news here - the game's overall install size is now only around 27GB itself.

Fortnite isn't the first in recent weeks to start shrinking its install, either. Last month, Warframe reduced the size of its install by a respectable 15GB. Even Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare hopped on board the hard drive space-saving train, finally letting players delete modes they don't use from the whopping 226GB game.

Now, freeing up hard drive space is always welcome news, but Halloween updates are arguably just as exciting, so check out what Fortnite has in store for spook month below.

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Fortnitemares kicked off today, bringing map changes, challenges and spooky cosmetics to unlock between now and November 3rd.

That gold spy boss man from the beginning of Chapter 2, Midas, has made a comeback. He's called Shadow Midas now, because of course he is. He's in charge of a new game mode, Shadow Royale, where if you die you get turned into one of his Shadows, and you have to go after all the other survivors with creepy ghost abilities.

Sounds suspiciously like Apex Legends' Halloween event. But eh, all battle royales are derivative and all that.

Once you've messed around in that game mode and earned (or bought) your new costumes, there's a Halloween party taking place. On October 31st, the game is hosting another of those live concerts, this time featuring a person called J Balvin.

I didn't know who he was, but he's done music with Dua Lipa and also a song from the, uh, Spongebob Squarepants film. So, look forward to that, I suppose.

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