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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare's next patch will finally let us delete modes we don't play

You can breathe now, hard drive

If there's one thing I need right now, it's storage space on a hard drive to install plenty of games without fuss. Infinity Ward have taken note and they're releasing a patch later today for Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare which will allow players to uninstall specific modes.

So, those who own Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare will finally be able to delete parts of the game which they don't need anymore, and reclaim a tonne of hard drive space in the process. Paul Haile, the production director on Modern Warfare, announced the news through Twitter last night.

Update: The patch is now live! Here's how to uninstall portions of the game you don't want: Open the Battle.net Launcher, click the Blizzard logo at the top left, select Settings, then Game Settings. Next, select Modify Install under Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare, uncheck the content you wish to uninstall, and select Confirm. Note that Warzone cannot be uninstalled.

Modern Warfare's an absolute behemoth, taking up a whopping 226GB on my PC right now. Unsurprising, I guess, considering it houses a campaign, multiplayer, co-op modes, and Warzone in one package. Trouble is, I only touch two of these things, and it's been pretty frustrating not being able to trim the game down. Especially since console players have had this privilege since launch.

If you're a Warzone only player, this patch won't affect you, but it's still good to see Infinity Ward giving PC players a helping hand. Hopefully when Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War swings around in November we'll get the option to only install the modes we want right off the bat. Otherwise I'll probably need to invest in some more storage. And I'd rather not because I am stingy, you know?

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