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Fortnite jigsaw piece locations - where to find all of the jigsaw pieces

Fortnite's eighth season has a quest where you need to locate several jigsaw pieces to complete a puzzle. They're all hidden within caves or bridges and it's your job to put all seven pieces back together. You don't need to collect them in any particular order, so just hunt out each location and pick up its corresponding piece.

With the game being the global sensation that it is, there's a lot to learn about not only getting that all-important "Victory Royale", but also the changes to the map as the seasons progress, and the challenges you can seek to complete. Head over to our Fortnite guide hub for every single thing you need to get started. Alternatively, you can head back to our Fortnite week 6 challenges guide for an overview of all the weekly challenges for this Season in Fortnite.

Fortnite Paradise Palms jigsaw piece location guide

Please note that this page is for a challenge that is no longer active in Fortnite. For a full list of currently active challenges, please go to our Fortnite week 6 challenges page.

This guide shows you the locations of eight known jigsaw piece locations in the Fortnite map. You only need to nab seven of them in order to fill up the puzzle, but they're all hidden underneath bridges or are hidden in caves.

All of the jigsaw piece locations hidden in caves and under bridges in Fortnite.
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Jigsaw piece locations

Above is the map showing the locations of where all the jigsaw pieces are. There are eight that we've found, but you only need to nab seven of them in order to complete the challenge. You do however need to interact with the objective, so try to either run an LTM to mitigate the risk of being sniped, but you can also create an enclosed wall to protect yourself temporarily. Below are some specifics on the locations of each of the jigsaw pieces we've found.

Jigsaw piece in cave close to Lonely Lodge.

Lonely Lodge

Close to where the "N" is in Lonely Lodge on the mini-map, there is a cavern-like area. As you venture into it, you should see the puzzle piece floating towards the south of the "N" on the map. You may also find a chest here, which is a good indication that you're very close to the puzzle piece.

The entrance to the caves just north-east of Tilted Towers. The cave contains the jigsaw puzzle piece.

Tilted Towers

Another cave, this time it's to the north-east of Tilted Towers. Stick close to the ground level for this one and circle around until you see the entrance to the cave. It's more of a shelter than a cave really, as not very far in you'll find the wall and a puzzle piece.

The puzzle piece is by the western red girders underneath the bridge north of Lucky Landing.

Lucky Landing

To the north of Lucky Landing and west a bit, you'll see a small bridge. Here there are some red girders to the western side of the structure, where you'll find the jigsaw piece.

The puzzle piece is hidden to the left of the Retail Row-Paradise Palms bridge next to the stone support.

Retail Row

Underneath the bridge that separates the grassy biome near Retail Row and the desert biome near Paradise Palms, there is a puzzle piece that's just to the far western side. It's relatively close to the stone support.

The puzzle piece that lies next to the stone support of the bridge next to Shifty Shafts.

Shifty Shafts

This one can be a little hard to locate as there is a lot of "underneath" for this bridge. It's the main bridge that separates Shifty Shafts from the grassy biome. On the western side, close to where the stone support is, there is a piece hidden just by where the ground begins to rise in layers.

The cave that leads to a puzzle piece, close to the south-western tip of the map.

Frosty Flights

The south-western tip of the map has a cave which is very close to the edge of the map. There should be a tiny island to the south-west as you look into the cave. Inside is a shack and a lot of goodies, including the jigsaw puzzle piece.

The quarry that's just to the south and east of The Block.

The Block

Towards the south and east a bit of The Block, there is a weird triangular mark on the mini-map. This is where some earth has been dug up for a quarry. Head deep into the southern tip of it and turn right to find the cave. Not very far into this cave is the piece you seek.

A jigsaw piece - slightly obscured by the pickaxe, next to the river in the desert - underneath a bridge.

Paradise Palms

On the main road towards Paradise Palms and Lucky Landing, there is a big bridge to the south. Underneath the bridge, there is a piece next to the river.

This concludes our jigsaw puzzle location guide for Fortnite's eighth week of season eight. There are plenty more challenges to complete. Find out where to find the treasure map in Paradise Palms and the location of its treasure in our Fortnite Paradise Palms treasure map  guide, or search for the big telephones with the help of our Fortnite Durrr Burger & Pizza Pit Big Telephones guide.

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