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Fortnite leaks suggest Halo's Master Chief may be dropping in this season

Finish the Fortnite?

With Halo Infinite delayed into next year and The Master Chief Collection all wrapped up, where is one supposed to hang out with their big green friend? Fortnite, apparently, should this week's rumours be believed. Recent alleged leaks suggest John Halo himself is making his way to murder island as part of this season's multi-dimensional crossover, letting the big man finally compete in a castle-building contest with The Mandalorian.

Fortnite got real weird, huh.

Earlier today, a number of screenshots surfaced on Twitter through various accounts, all linking the same, low-res images of several Halo cosmetics - including a Master Chief outfit and a Pelican dropship flyer, both styled in Fortnite's distinctly corporate cartoony style.

Additionally, the above account also suggests that there'll be a "Red Vs Blue" Limited Time Mode - something that, on further digging, suggests a CTF-style minigame and not a wild collaboration with that machinima series that's somehow still running.

As per, leaks like this should be taken with a sizeable grain of salt. Considering the relatively low quality of the images, my first blush was to write these off as phoneys, too. But there are a few pointers to take into account. For one, a more substantial rumour that God Of War's Kratos would be arriving in Fortnite was later confirmed by the Playstation Twitter account - and wouldn't it be natural for Xbox to get a character as well?

Polygon also points out that the timing may also make sense, considering Halo Infinite's last-minute delay out of this year. From energy drinks to chocolate, whole lotta brand collaborations for that game went ahead regardless of the delay, and it's possible this was yet another collaboration that, for one reason or another, the companies chose to run with.

At time of writing, neither Fornite nor Xbox have responded to the leaks, though we'll keep you posted should anything pop up. While it would make sense, 343 have already shot down "unfounded" claims that Big John will be getting his own battle royale in Halo Infinite.

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