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Fortnite trades rifles for rods in this weekend's Fishing Frenzy

Catch 'em all

Now here's an esport I can get behind. Fortnite Chapter 2 brought a pretty decent fishing mini-game to Epic's battle royale, and now it's time to prove who's the best at sitting patiently next to a puddle. Pack your sandwiches and put on those waders. Fishing Frenzy is kicking off a high-stakes weekend of baiting and waiting, with some real-life loot up for grabs if you snag the most fish.

Now, isn't that much nicer than shooting each other up?

Expect this weekend's Fortnite games to be much more relaxed. Fishing Frenzy will award a real-life, engraved Llama trophy to one persistent fisher per server region who catches the most fish over the next few days. There are prizes for flat-out netting the most fish, with extra categories for reeling in the most Small Fry, Floppers and Slurpfish. You'll also instantly snag a fancy Bottom Feeder pickaxe for hooking a Mythic Goldfish.

That's an in-game prize. Epic won't mail you mining equipment.

Anyone who picks up a rod during the event will also receive a participation prize, in the form of a "Play to win" sticker. Fishing Frenzy also adds the Triggerfish skin to the item store, in case you fancy being a gun-slinging goldfish for a bit.

Of course, all those players taking time to stop and try their luck should also make for plenty of stationary targets. If you're the kinda jackass who's up for ruining some fun, I'm sure it'll feel just like shooting fish(ers) in a barrel.

You'll need to have two-factor authentication enabled on your account to participate, while more terms and that can be perused over on the Fishing Frenzy announcement. The event kicks off today and runs 'til 1am on Monday morning UK time (8pm Sunday, ET).

No prizes for using a harpoon gun, either. That's cheating.

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