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Fortnite's newest toy is a harpoon gun

Fortnite can grab you

There are a few things in games that will demand my attention. If your game has a flare gun, I will use it, often to the detriment of my overall damage output. If I can wall run, I'm running on every wall in the game, no matter where it leads. Personal turrets will make me Torbjörn again. Fortnite has yet to really grab me, though. So far it hasn’t reeled me in. I can’t say it’s managed to pierce my flesh with a spike and then dragged me closer. But Epic have just added a harpoon gun, and that’s also on my list, so now I have to install it. That's the rule.

It dropped in as a surprise in the v11.10 update, sneakily and without patch notes. The first many players knew of it was when they were unceremoniously yoinked.

New Harpoon gun can do this! from r/FortNiteBR

As well as yanking and dragging, it’s particularly good when used to combo kill a player with a shotgun. It has 10 rounds of spears, which takes off 75 hitpoints from players and does 150 damage to buildings. More importantly, it can be used to do some extreme fishing at the river.

You can fish with Harpoon Gun from r/FortNiteBR

I guess I could turn the rest of this post into a think piece about Epic's decision to not release patch notes, but really I like that they have one of the biggest games in the world and can use it to surprise people with fun additions. It makes me happy.

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