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Fortnite’s World Cup Creative challenges builders instead of shooters this summer

Build 'em up, break 'em down

Fortnite Battle Royale is feeling more and more like a misnomer of late. Its most recent foray out of the genre is a competitive Creative World Cup, five trials based around specific challenges created by famous Fortniters, with a final running alongside the regular World Cup finals this July. Good news for those who are better at putting up walls than sniping through them.

The first five rounds will run from the end of this month until June, and require competitors to upload their submissions to YouTube in order to be judged by “special Fortnite captains.” That’s supposedly the streamers and YouTubers who created the trial, but I can’t imagine they’ll be scanning through every single entry without any help. Winners will be shipped off to New York for the finals, though it’s not yet clear how those will be conducted or judged.

Fortnite Creative was announced late last year, allowing players to use the game's building mechanics to make everything from money-incentivised deathruns to recreations of Portal. Some were featured on the Block, a bit of the island which rotates in various players’ creations for others to explore.

It does all toe the line of spec work, what with so many people creating content for a billionaire company without any recompense. Of course the top few winners of the Creative World Cup will be rewarded, but most will put in their work for nothing while Epic profits. (They’re not pumping $100 million into their esports program for no reason.)

There’ll be more details about the competition when the first trial begins on April 29th, created and judged by YouTuber and esports competitor “Cizzorz.”

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