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Here Is How Four Sided Fantasy Will Break Your Brain

The screen is only the beginning

You might remember that gorgeous puzzle adventure Four Sided Fantasy has the potential to twist your brain until it looks like a mangled Rubik's Cube embedded in its very DNA, but what does that actually mean in practice? Well, the sidescroller from the level designer of the equally mind-melting Perspective focuses on level manipulation, on turning the game world from playground to plaything. Below you'll find a video of its experimental mechanics in action. Prepare to go, "Wait, but then that means... no! Arghhhh! Please, don't take away my limited perception of reality! It's all I have!"

The multi-screen cloning thing is the part that finally broke me. Meanwhile, I felt echoes of Portal in the ability to more or less fall through screens infinitely. Come to think of it, there's potential for a number of Portal-esque mechanics here, for better or worse. Valve's very nearly mined the concept hollow, but then, Four Sided Fantasy is hardly a Portal clone. A little overlap, then? Probably won't hurt anyone.

On the whole, it looks like Ludo Land is putting this concept to excellent use. Sure, it's another puzzle-platformer and the genre's already frighteningly overcrowded, but well, who's to say a top-flight standout can't do a bit of crowdsurfing?

Also crowdfunding. Four Sided Fantasy is currently on Kickstarter, and it's raised nearly a third of its $35,000 goal. Are you going to back it?

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