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Free As In Vlambeer

Not even being the world's unluckiest game developers can stop the rampaging juggernaut that is Vlambeer. Today is the developer's third birthday, and because it looked like they'd never make it this far, they're in the mood to celebrate. Over on their blog, they're giving away two free games. The previously only partly released Gun Godz is now available for everyone, and the prototype that's forming the basis for their upcoming Wasteland Kings is free for all as well. Luftrausers was there, but the keys have already been nabbed. You should've been quicker.

Gun Godz, a strange, hip-hop infused Wolfenstein was initially only released to Kickstarter backers of Venus Patrol. It's not a big game, so the video below shows quite a lot of it. I'd have a peek and then load it up. It's good.

Wasteland Kings is a roguelike about mutants fighting through a post-apocalyptic wasteland, collecting guns and growing new limbs as they go. It was previously only available as part of the Mojam 2 Bundle, but with that now defunct, you can get it from their site for naught.

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What can you do if you want to support them? They have keys for the official soundtrack, but you can also buy it if it's already gone. And there's an upcoming artbook that you can register your interest for. You don't need to buy it, but I expect it will be lovely.

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