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Free Loaders: No Rabbit's Sky

The best free games of the week!

My exile is wearing heavily on my mind this week. Yesterday, I discovered a previously unknown form of wood-boring insect, which has evolved in isolation within the kitchen door of my apartment and which survives by devouring and redevouring the the same wood and wood-excrement, and reproducing among the colonies of other doors. I have not told anyone in this country about my discovery because I am afraid they will evict me and designate the flat an ecological tract. As always, I sought solace in free games.

Looking for more free games? Check out our round up of the best free PC games that you can download and play right now.

Balancity by Fernando Cordoba & Souvegames

City management game atop a precariously balanced plateau. Keep all your citizens happy in the same ways as always with power, jobs and shrubbery, only this time you also need to factor in basic physics. It is basically Cities: Skylines except there is only one giant tower made out of other buildings. Power plants are big and heavy, houses are smaller and more numerous, and there's a train station and airport for when your people need them. Throw in a fire-fighting helicopter to deal with the house fires that erupt and you are on your way to making the greatest city ever built on top of a giant, dangerous plate. Keep building upward with more apartments and reach your population goals by extending planning laws to dangerous levels until it all comes tumbling down on top of you, resulting in the deaths of hundreds of working people. Hey Londoners, does this remind you of anything?

Science Kombat by Super Interesante

Beat 'em up featuring all your favourite boffins. Fight through a tournament against the likes of Einstein and Marie Curie or take on a dreaded academic foe in single combat. Each scientist has their own special moves. Tesla fires electricity, Turing summons robotic helpers and Pythagoras leaps around the arena in a right-angled triangle of doom. I was laid low by Charles Darwin's ape-like strength after he transformed into a monkey, whacked Isaac Newton in the nose, then turned back into a human through all the stages of evolution. That's why they put him on the bank notes, I suppose.

Freedom: Diegesis by by T. Cyr and Sinc PC

Mutated bastard child of Super Mario and Space Funeral. This once-lush platformer world has transmogrified against its will into a monstrous land of deformed enemies, insane swordsmen, weeping kings and reluctant heroes. Your own character is painfully slow and heavy, the jumping and running is so anti-Mario (so anti-everything) that we can only assume he is a terrible protagonist. In fact, he's not even the first choice - he's just some prisoner dredged up from the kingdom's dungeon. Navigate classic levels and worlds already covered in the guts and entrails of your foes, sporting twisted masks that seem to cover their true expressions. Terror.

Pico Racer by kometbomb

Race them cars quite a lot fast, much furious. Accelerate the forward button. Quickstop the down button. Left and right? You got it. Overdrive the other cars when you got to overdrive. Vroom! Excellent speed is fast and crazy, done with not so many graphics on Pico-8 but still, wow, yes, cars.

Vocus Air by Team Vocus Air

Virtual airplane trip that faithfully recreates every flight in the world and where nothing at all interesting will happen to you or anyone you know, full stop. There is nothing to see or decipher here, if that's what you are hoping. Just a normal old journey through the skies with the other passengers talking about their mundane lives and their jobs and their cousins. You will probably arrive at your destination soon without any notable incidents or events because time is linear and everything is OK. Drink your airplane coffee and smile at the stewards and listen to your headphones and eavesdrop on the other passengers because nothing, absolutely nothing, is going to go wrong or be strange in any way, shape or form.

Where Bunnies Fly by andyman404

Hot air balloon ride with a bunny wearing a concerned expression. Collect eggs in a surreal, oddly relaxing land of pink clouds and purple mountains. Drop off your eggs at the rainbows to score points and use the windy currents to save on fuel. Find yourself dropping out of the sky at an alarming rate? Don't panic, just look for a carrot on the ground to swallow up for fuel's sake. It is good to see a game developer remember the true meaning of Easter, when Jessie the man-sized rabbit died in a ballooning accident, sacrificing himself for all of us.

shake yer dix by banach tarski

I mean, why would you not?

Johnny Matrix Mobile Doesn't Want To Kill People But He Will by colin spacetwinks

Johnny Matrix Mobile is a difficult character. He's wrong to kill so many people. But he's also, I don't know, right. Observe with fear, shame, reverence, disgust, pride and other types of fear as Johnny Matrix Mobile bares all to his friend Goodman Yes. Don't judge this hardened killer, lest ye be judged. We all have our reasons for murdering possibly hundreds of people. Even if we do feel bad regret and bad remorse. "Over a thousand words of heartrending, complex but justified justice!" says the writer. "Exactly one ending!"

i will never forget you because you have made me the happiest dog on earth by jacqueline

Take care of this dog.

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