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Freeware Garden: Space Goblin In A Land Of Jello

The dangers of Moussaka

Oh no, said Gelaga of Gelatos. Not again! It hasn't been a 1000 years already, he whiningly added. But, the truth is he was wrong. It was exactly a 1000 years since the hideously horrible Moussaka abomination had last invaded the planet of the Jelly-creatures and promptly consumed its inhabitants, for it had always been an abomination that craved all that's squishy and yummy.

Thankfully though, this time things could be different, for this is the time of the Space Goblin in a Land of Jello and Windows-only planet saving.

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Everything does look incredibly tasty here. Especially those worms. I bet they are macarons with funny shapes.

You'll get to be the planet-saving Space Goblin stuck with a short deadline in this lovely, humorous and very well-crafted indeed Zelda-esque arcade adventure. Oh, and you'll only be given a mere ten minutes to save the world. Well, a world.

Moussaka--a popular baddie for any B movie situation--has already started its invasion, so in your allotted ten minutes you'll have to quickly level up by defeating its non-edible cronies then find the time to actually kill the monster itself. And, yes, it does definitely look rather moussaka-ish. Also, it's quite a toughie. As is this whole game.

Finely designed and tough.

Unless you are some sort of shmup demigod, that is, and simply breeze through the whole thing. In any other case you'll have to wisely manage your time and upgrade your hit points, speed, damage, burst and reload abilities in order to stand a chance in the final battle. Not that good reflexes combined with fast thinking won't be needed throughout the game and its combats.

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