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Friends Of The Earth: Dirt 3's Party Mode

Codemasters announced today that Dirt 3 will include a party mode. Dirty parties, one presumes? Rally cars gracelessly mounting other rally cars, and huffing great cupfuls of cocaine through their grilles? Alas no. Dirt 3's party mode will all be good, clean, online fun, and Codies have invented three special new multiplayer modes which resemble playground games than anything else. Details after the jump.

First up is Invasion, wherein yourself and your friends will be trying to defend the earth from killer robots! Yes, really. The robots will, however, only be cardboard cutouts that the lot of you will have to run over or otherwise smash into, all while avoiding the cardboard cutouts of skyscrapers.

Second is Transporter, which will basically be Capture The Flag except where the flags spawn will be randomised. How the flag will be wrestled from car to car wasn't mentioned, but presumably if you tap into a flag holder, you'll become the carrier. That'd make sense, right?

The third and final mode is Outbreak, where one of the partaking cars will be struck down by a terrible affliction that turns them bright green within 5 seconds of the match starting. Fortunately, he can infect other cars by tapping or ramming or crashing into them (take your pick), thus allowing them to share in his misery and bringing them onto his team. The last uninfected car is the winner, though you have to chase him down anyway.

Does that sound like something you guys would be into?

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