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Frog Detective 3 coming later this year

Time to solve a crime in the wild west

The Frog Detective games are short, joy-filled mysteries about a frog with a vacant smile. They're lovely - and now there's going to be a third one. Frog Detective 3: Corruption At Cowboy County is coming later this year, and there's a first trailer below.

Cover image for YouTube videoFrog Detective 3: Corruption at Cowboy County [TEASER TRAILER]

The game's Steam page confirms this is the Frog Detective series finale. You and Lobster Cop are sent to the wild west to solve a mystery in a sheriff-less county, and uncover a sinister schme.

My favourite line on the Steam page is this: "For some reason the other games sold half a million copies." They deserve to have sold that many because they're simple, lovely, playful things. The first game, The Haunted Island, and its sequel, The Case Of The Invisible Wizard, are both a few quid at the moment. Nate backed me up on this in his Frog Detective 2 review, where he tells a nice anecdote about a triangle and calls the game perfectly formed.

Now come on Netflix, get on this:

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