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Game developers big and small are offering donations to aid Australia's bushfire crisis

Bungie, Infinity Ward and Ubisoft are the latest to offer up their profits

Bungie, Infinity Ward and Ubisoft are joining the list of developers donating money to help combat the bushfires devastating Australia. It's been announced that Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare will be donating money from purchases of special "Outback Relief" packs, while Destiny 2 will get an exclusive t-shirt with profits going towards the country’s firefighting efforts and animal rescue and conservation.

Ubisoft Australia aren't creating incentives for players to donate however, instead they've simply donated $30,000 AUD (about £16,000) to the Australian Red Cross and Recovery Relief Fund.

"We've heard the calls requesting we create in-game items to encourage donations, however this takes considerable development time and we feel immediate action is required," they posted on Twitter.

Infinity Ward haven't specified a charity, but in a Tweet they announced 100% of Activision's profits from the newly-renamed "Outback Relief" packs in Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare will be donated towards the relief effort. These are cosmetic bundles containing the "Bushranger" operator skin, an adorable Koala weapon charm, amongst other Aussie-themed goodies. They're available across all platforms until the 31st January, and if you already bought an "Outback" pack before this announcement, that purchase will count towards the donations too.

Bungie have announced a fundraising campaign for Destiny 2, for which they're designing a limited-edition t-shirt. Half of the profits will go towards NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service (WIRES), and the other half to the NSW Rural Fire Service.

The design for the t-shirt isn't finished just yet, but when it is it'll be available for pre-order on Bungie's store between Thursday 16th January and 18th February. Players who buy the shirt will even get a code for a special player emblem, Star Light, Star Bright (pictured below).

If Destiny and Call Of Duty aren't your thing, I reported last week that the makers of The Universim are donating all of their store profits for January and February towards the bushfire relief effort. The developers of Kao The Kangaroo, and the developers of Stone are joining in too, donating portions of their profits to WWF Australia, and WIRES respectively.

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