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Game Pass on PC gets six new games for April

Including the delightful Lil Gator Game

Microsoft have announced April's new arrivals for the Game Pass subscription service, and it includes a cute game about being an alligator, a cute game about gardening, a cute game about fleeing a doomed planet in search of a new home among the stars, and also EA Sports PGA Tour, I guess.

Here's the full list of games heading to Game Pass on PC in April:

  • Superhot: Mind Control Delete - Today, April 2nd
  • Lil Gator Game - April 4th
  • EA Sports PGA Tour - April 4th
  • Botany Manor - April 9th
  • Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Definitive Edition - April 11th
  • Harold Halibut - April 16th

Of these, I'd pay attention to Lil Gator Game most. I have played and completed A Short Hike three times, and when I badly needed a new game with similarly good vibes, bucolic art and playful environments, Lil Gator Game hit the spot. It's a relentlessly good time.

I'm guessing Superhot: Mind Control Delete does not have "good vibes", but I did enjoy bending time and shattering heads in its predecessors. It's the third entry in the series of first-person shooters where time moves only when you do.

Meanwhile, the following games will leave Game Pass this month:

  • Amnesia Collection
  • Amnesia: Rebirth
  • Back 4 Blood
  • Phantom Abyss
  • Research And Destroy
  • Soma

Bad times for horror-likers. You can find more deets of all of the above over on the Xbox blog.

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