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Lil Gator Game turns childhood into an open-world adventure in December

Like chill Zelda, with a reptile

I’m always looking for new games to play with my kids, and MegaWobble’s Lil Gator Game seems like just the right combination of harmless and wacky for us. Coming to Steam on December 14th, Lil Gator Game involves most of the core components of childhood, such as displays of reckless acrobatics, pretending sticks are swords, and making friends with every other random child you meet. You can see what I mean by watching the trailer below.

Lil Gator Game is half The Legend of Zelda, half afternoon at the playground.Watch on YouTube

The point of Lil Gator Game just seems to be mucking about and having fun in its verdant little island populated by anthropomorphic animals. You’re a l’il gator, natch, who wears an oddly familiar dangly cap. Gatorlad also carries a wooden shield and a stick you make-believe is a sword. There aren’t any actual enemies in the game, but you can use your tree-blade to whack bad guys constructed out of cardboard and dotted around. Your gator can find stuff around the island to craft other stuff with, and that’ll also bestow new abilities on your scaly green personage.

Like with any reasonably sized batch of the young people, there’s different groups to hang around with in Lil Gator Game. You’ll get to mingle with theatre kids, preppies, and the presumably self-appointed cool crew depending on where you head to on the game’s island. You can invite them to play, doing stuff such as skipping stones across the water together, but they might ask you to go off on a quest for them. Or, y’know, you could just barrel around smacking the heck out of pots and skidding down hills on your shield on your lonesome.

Lil Gator Game arrives on Steam on December 14th for £17/$20/€20. It’s Steam Deck verified, and is also heading to Nintendo Switch.

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