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Garden Story reveals a delicious new trailer and 2021 release date

One of your five a day

Oh, to be a sword-swinging grape taking potshots at a sickly, tree-dwelling caterpillar. Garden Story, an absolutely delicious community sim-slash-dungeon adventure from developers Picogram, shared more of its pastel pastoral vibes in a new trailer earlier today - along with news that the town's opening ceremony has been postponed into 2021.

Ah, well, even if it does take a little longer to arrive, Garden Story is looking "berry" lovely in this latest trailer.

Sorry. I'll show myself out.

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Garden Story is a personal fave of my freelance news nemesis colleague Lauren Morton, who covered the game's free demo launch during PAX East earlier in the year. It's something of a Stardew Valley-like, one with a little more focus on hacking and slashing as you defend the fruity little village of Autumn Town from The Rot.

We get a little more of that slashing this time 'round, as leading grape Concord delves into abandoned libraries. In a moment, we glimpse a rotten caterpillar lurching out of an overgrown tree, the first taste of a boss fight. But that doesn't mean there isn't time to take care of the town, chat to villagers, or settle down for a comfortable spot of fishing in Garden Story's lush pastel ponds.

Sadly, Lauren will have to wait a little longer before whacking caterpillars in a library. While Garden Story was previously eyeing up a release this Spring, the devs have decided to postpone launch into 2021 to make the game "bigger and even more adorable". That should at least mean it'll arrive more villagers in your community, more resources to gather, and more monsters and bosses to beat down.

In the meantime, that free demo is still available to pick up over on Steam.

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