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Surprise, juicy action RPG Garden Story just launched its sweet adventures

Concord's grape big adventure begins

Tiny grape guardian adventure Garden Story had been planning a release for an unannounced date this summer and oh look! It's today. This little community sim and combat 'em up has been in the works for a bit and has ripened enough to pick at last. A new launch day trailer shows off some more of all Concord's slashing, questing, and adventuring to conquor all the Rot invading The Grove.

In the world of Garden Story, the four towns of The Grove appoint citizens as Guardians. Tragically though, the four towns have fallen into disrepair, which is where you, in the shoes of Concord the grape, come in.

Cover image for YouTube videoGarden Story - Launch Trailer

"As the newly-appointed Guardian of Spring Hamlet, they’ve got plenty of work ahead of them to prove they’re worthy of such a prestigious title," explain Picogram and Rose City Games. "Help the community by checking the daily request board for tasks, including gathering resources to help local shopkeepers, repairing bridges to ensure safe passage for citizens, battling the invasive entities collectively known as Rot, and much more."

You can catch all the quaint little adventure activities up there in the trailer. There's a bit of Pan flute playing, some fishing, hat wearing, and plenty of slashing slimes with a sword too. Garden Story does mention tending to garden plots and a bit of community questing, which might convince you it belongs in the Stardew-like pile. There's a good amount of action too, though.

"Solve puzzles and fend off Rot as you delve into particularly infested locations of The Grove," say Picogram. "Take caution: especially formidable Rot have taken residence in the depths of these areas!"

With that all in mind, it appears to also have shades in common with the Zelda-lites that we've started to see more of cropping up on PC lately.

You can take on the Rot and save The Grove yourself as of today. Garden Story has just launched on Steam and the Epic Games Store for £15.49/$19.99.

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