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Garden Warfare 2 Is Still A Thing, Gets Free Update

Pun me up

Ever since Plants vs. Zombies turned into a multiplayer shooter in Garden Warfare, I somehow manage to forget that it's a thing that exists in the world. I guess that my subconscious is trying to protect me from the idea of EA taking a cute and quirky franchise and turning it into a multiplayer shooter filled with references to other EA franchises. That does sound like the perfect recipe for a trainwreck, doesn't it? And yet, if you ask someone who has actually played it, they'll likely tell you it's not a trainwreck at all. Some people actually think it's fun. Go figure.

During my bouts of amnesia I missed the fact that Garden Warfare 2 [official site] is out, and after two weeks it's already received the first of many promised content updates and balance fixes, bringing a new map, new activities, and "lowered time as a goat." I wonder if that's a good thing.

Let me refresh my memory: Garden Warfare 2 is an asymmetrical class-based, team-based shooter that largely builds on the first episode, so much so that progress and unlocks carry over from the older game in case you've played it, and mostly adds stuff on top of the same formula: new classes, new maps, new game modes, and new solo content and activities, just to mention a few.

This week's update adds a new map called "Aqua Center" as well as the night version of an old map and a couple of new missions. It also brings new control options, like aim sensitivity and the option to either toggle or hold to aim. Finally, a whole lot of balance changes, bug fixes and quality of life improvements on which I'm really in no position to comment on. I didn't even find anything that stood out on its own, aside from the goat thingie. Go take a look for yourself.

Here's a video of plants and zombies dancing that shows none of the new things that came with the update. I believe they're dancing in the new Aqua Center, maybe?

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Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 is available for PC via Origin for £49.99/€59.90.

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