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Gateways Editor Is Now Open

John's shameless kissy-face act towards Gateways has finally ceased, because he is a married man, and because the United Britons of Parliament rejected his plea to allow civil unions between people and games. His winkie tattoo did not convince them of the merit of his argument. He's also on holiday and without internet, so I can post this without risk of his passions being inflamed and Gateways finally contacting The Equalizer. The latest update to the delightful platform puzzle game enables players to play user-created levels. And the fact that the game doesn't have an editor is of little concern: it does now.

You can download it even if you don't own the game, which would probably make designing levels an interesting challenge. I'd actually quite like to see that. It's still lightly wibbly and in beta, so there's no Steam Workshop integration, but the developer David Johnson is squinting at that idea right now. If you're a have or have not doesn't matter, because there's tutorial video right here that tells you all you need to know to make levels for the Portaly puzzler. Now you just need to come up with actual puzzles.

Watch on YouTube

Via the developer's very own Twitter.

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