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Gears of War 5 isn't the only new Gears game

Gear... gear never changes

Gears of War is coming back in a big way. Today's Microsoft E3 presser ended with a huge blast of Gears reveals. The first: a Funko based Gears of War game called Gears POP! which is... just bewildering? I don't know. Are any of you Gearheads also big Funko collectors? Seems like a weird place to start bridging games into the Funkoverse, but it is also a mobile game so what am I even complaining about? The second announcement is Gears Tactics, which is an XCOM style game set 100 years before Gears 1. That... that makes a lot more sense than Funkos. And finally, there's the big daddy announcement you all were waiting for: Gears of War 5 is indeed coming. We have two trailers and some storybits to enjoy today.

The short announcement trailer is here, which gives you a pretty big look at the game:

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The much more interesting trailer is this cinematic teaser, which really digs into the story and the interaction between these characters. One of our heroes in the new Gears 5 is Kait, who seems to be dealing with the repercussions of life in a state of constant war, but also visions that she feels may be some form of communication that prevents her from having control over her actions. There's a lot here around PTSD and, you know, general interpersonal communication that isn't just shouting at The Boys. This is... very much the most excited I've ever been for a Gears title.

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Marcus Fenix and his son return alongside the rest of the Gears 4 team, and this new adventure seems based around lush forests and other more brightly colored environments than previous Locust attack sites. The gameplay shows us a few enemies and weapons, but no mentions of anything regarding game modes or the like.

Gears 5 will be on Xbox Game Pass at launch at some point in 2019.

Gears Tactics is worth taking a look at as well, if you've got an extra minute. This looks fantastic and I always want more XCOM 'em ups.

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