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Cover Story: Gears Of War Ultimate Edition PC-Bound


There's a new Gears of War game coming but if you want your regular fix of gruff flesh juggernauts on PC, you'll have to make do with a re-release of the first game in the series. Gears of War: The Ultimate Edition [official site] is coming to PC but there's no word of any other titles making their way across.

Two things about this, which perhaps demonstrate how much attention I pay to Gears of War: A) I was initially pleased that the Ultimate Edition was coming to PC since I thought it covered the entire original trilogy rather than just the first game B) I'd completely forgotten that the first Gears of War actually had a PC release back in the day. With support for 4k resolution, DirectX 12 and other "visual improvements", the man-slabs should look lovely though.

Developers The Coalition only announced the PC version last night and they weren't sharing a great deal of information. The Xbox One version comes out on August 25th so hopefully the PC release will be at or around the same time. I've seen speculation that it'll be Windows 10 exclusive. If it were the whole trilogy remastered or even - GASP - Gears of War 4 getting some PC lovin', that might be a hefty exclusive. A re-release of a game almost a decade old doesn't scream for attention though.

Here's some Behind The Scenes footage of development, including a look at the remastered manliness.

Cover image for YouTube video

And here are The Gears resting and recuperating between missions.

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