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Get a taste of Knuckle Sandwich with this demo

Knuckle dusting it off

Hey punk, how about a Knuckle Sandwich? No, stop, put your shirt back on, you’re embarrassing both of us. I meant how would you like a demo for upcoming burger-flipping RPG Knuckle Sandwich? It’s presented as a mix between the hectic minigames of WarioWare and classic SNES-era RPGs like Earthbound and such. I’ve told you about it before, but you never listen. Anyway, its creator launched a Kickstarter yesterday, which has already met its $15,000 target. It also includes the demo, and this funky new trailer, which has sonic and ocular properties I find appealing.

Watch on YouTube

Good words. Good fonts. Good use of modulated noise. You play as a young fella who’s landed a job at a diner in Bright City, where he’s soon caught up in a missing persons mystery that involves a strange cult and a local gang. Here’s what creator Andrew Brophy has to say about its influences, along with how the game plans to break away from the traditional elements of (J)RPGs.

The general aesthetic of the game is inspired by Pokémon and Dragon Ball, while the story is influenced by Fargo, The Big Sleep, and American Psycho (this combo works, trust me).

I wanted to create an RPG that doesn't feature the things I dislike about the genre (like grinding, puzzle elements, having numbers all over the screen, hoarding items, etc.), so the bulk of the game is played out by completing wildly different minigames. They include cooking food, catching bugs, showering, dancing, boxing, writing, and many more.

You can find the demo here.

One point of pride for the creator is the music. A glitching crew of bleepy-bloopy, scritchy-scratchy sound painters have gathered around this project and, right enough, it has resulted in some neat tunes. 20 percent of the Kickstarter funds will go towards completing the soundtrack, says Brophy. While much of the rest is so that he can finish off development as a full-time job.

“The bulk of the work is done,” he says, “with all the systems in place and the design of the mechanics is finished. The rest is just content and refining EVERYTHING.”

There's no precise release date yet, but Brophy has said he wants to "see it through to completion this year."

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