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Knuckle Sandwich looks like a suitably daft RPG

Yes, that sounds delici-OW

Turn-based RPG Knuckle Sandwich [official site] turned up in our inbox this week and it looks like some hot nonsense. It's about a boy who moves to a new town and starts working a crappy job serving burgers. Until you get drawn into some sort of cult mystery, of course. Couldn't fight monsters without some cult mystery! You can see some of said monsters in the trailer below, such as bees, oozers and (most terrifying of all) "fibreghosts".

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I'm still not entirely sure what's going on here but I like those colours. Let me offer you the developer's plot synopsis in an effort to clear things up.

"After landing a job at a run-down diner, he accidentally gets wrapped up in a missing persons mystery that involves a local crime gang and a fanatical cult.

Features lively city locations to explore, a turn-based battle system that revolves around eccentric minigames, a macabre storyline and a ridiculously hip soundtrack."

It's made by Melbourne-based developer Andrew Brophy and as well as offering some unusual-looking turn-based battles, there's a party system and some other minigame silliness. Here's some of the features that caught my eye.

  • the option to own a pet cat that makes you happy
  • a gym membership card you found in a trash can that you can use to get huge pecks
  • branching paths, alternate endings and at least six different credit sequences

I just can't say no to a free gym card. Brophy has made videos before while working on it, but it looks like it has changed style slightly since those. We don't know when it's due out, so simmer down fibreghost fans, simmer down. We'll let you know.

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