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Alleged Ghost Recon Breakpoint details leaked, out October 4th

Not quite (but pretty much) The Punisher

Ubisoft's attempts to drum up hype for a Ghost Recon announcement tomorrow have been a tad undermined by their own store back-end, revealing the game's title: Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Pre-order details for a collector's edition of the game were snapped and posted on Reddit, although have since been removed. If the leak is accurate, then Breakpoint will continue the story started by the latest Ghost Recon Wildlands DLC mission, Operation Oracle, featuring Punisher actor Jon Bernthal as unstable Ghost leader Cole D. Walker. The leak described the game as a "story-driven four-player experience", which sounds like a Wildlands sequel to me.

The latest mission for Wildlands has you teaming up with Walker, a Ghost team leader who lost his squad to enemy drone tech and blames the CIA for it ending up in cartel hands. By the end of the mission, he seems like he's on the verge of going rogue, so it wouldn't be the biggest twist to have him start a one-man war of revenge and independence - that's about par for Tom Clancyverse villains. The leaked info mentions the setting (Aurora, a fictional Pacific island), and that Walker would be fighting with the aid of a drone army, fighting fire with fire.

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The leak also included a German-language shot of the obligatory UbiGame big-box collectors edition, featuring a big statue, presumably of the high-tech Colonel Kurtz that players are off hunting. While any and all of this information - since scrubbed from official sources - may be inaccurate, Ubisoft leaking it themselves does give it a better chance of being true. The move to a fictional location and a morally neutral, high-tech villain would also fit the pattern, as Ubisoft seem to be pushing the Tom Clancy series into less 'overtly political' (it's not really working) territory.

If the leak was accurate, Ghost Recon: Breakpoint launches on October 4th. The game's official premiere happens tomorrow, May 9th at 7:30pm BST, according to the official Ghost Recon Twitter account.

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