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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint

6 months ago

Ghost Recon Breakpoint adds AI squadmates today

While your AI-controlled teammates in Ghost Recon Wildlands were not the brightest sparks, they were handy for filling out your squad if you didn't have co-op pals - so it was weird that the sequel straight cut them. No more. By popular demand, Ubisoft today add AI squadmates to Ghost Recon Breakpoint in a free update. They'll follow your lead, do fancy tricks like execute…

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10 months ago

Feature: Find every blueprint in the game

Ghost Recon Breakpoint blueprint locations: where to find new weapons and attachments

Fed up of scavenging for new weapons from enemies? Do you just want to make your own weapons from scratch in Ghost Recon Breakpoint, but don't want to spend real money on them? Well, this guide is for you as you can also just go to certain locations and find them yourself. We've found most of the unlockable weapon blueprints and attachments and have listed…

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Ghost Recon Breakpoint teams up with Splinter Cell’s Sam Fisher today

Ubisoft's stealth star Sam Fisher has been laying low, with nary a Splinter Cell game since 2013's Blacklist and only a scant few cameo appearances. He's popped back up on the radar again today with a guest spot in Ghost Recon Breakpoint, teaming up with the spec ops squad who specialise in higher bodycounts. He pops up in a new chain of story missions, though…

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11 months ago

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is getting a big overhaul, starting with some new game modes

Ghost Recon Breakpoint had a difficult start to life. It was received so awfully by the community that Ubisoft wrote an open letter to address it. Now to try and fix everything, they're overhauling loads of the game's systems.When you load up Breakpoint from March 24th, you'll get the option to choose between three game modes: one to play the it as it originally was,…

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12 months ago

Terminators started wreaking havoc in Ghost Recon Breakpoint today

From today until February 6th, Ghost Recon Breakpoint is having an edgy-looking Terminator event, with two brand new free missions and a bunch of exclusive items to earn for taking out those pesky T-800s. Because it wasn't weird enough that Predator already exists in the Ghost Recon universe.In a scenario that sounds suspiciously familiar, a woman has appeared claiming to be from the future, and…

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1 year ago

Ubisoft’s revamped editorial board want to stop stagnation in their games

Pop quiz, readers. If I say Ubisoft, what's the first thing that comes to mind? Massive, systemic open worlds? Towers wot you climb to unlock the map? Extensive skills trees and an apolitical approach to politically charged themes? France? For the last 20 years, everything that makes a Ubisoft game tick has been decided by a Paris-based editorial board. As it happens, having a select…

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Ghost Recon Breakpoint guide

Ghost Recon Breakpoint has been out for a little while now and is the latest in Ubisoft's open-world military shooters. This time around you'll be facing off against an enemy with technology more advanced than your own, complete with big hulking metal automated tanks and radar scrambling technology to disorientate you. With these Ghost Recon Breakpoint tips, they should help you get started with the liberation effort,…

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Ghost Recon Breakpoint raids – raid boss guides, how to enter the raid

Raids have arrived to Ghost Recon Breakpoint and it's evident that they're proving to be a bit of a challenge to those jumping in for the first time. These are four-player missions where cooperation is key to overcoming the challenges ahead. The first raid is called "Project Titan" and will challenge players to fight big drones, so they'll need to have the best gear they can…

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Feature: Don't let the lasers get to 100%

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Titan Alpha raid boss guide

The first raid boss in Ghost Recon Breakpoint is Baal - a big tank that can instantly kill you if you're not careful. Not only that, but constant reinforcements will descend upon your team to try and wipe you out. It can be a difficult boss battle if you don't know what to do, but our Baal raid boss guide will give you the tips and tricks…

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Feature: Avert your eyes

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Titan Zeta raid boss guide

This is it, the final raid boss in the first Ghost Recon Breakpoint raid. This fight is technically three in one, as Cerberus has three individual drones, all joined together with a neural link. What's worse, each one has its own unique attacks, smaller drones will regularly distract you, and one of them even has a flashbang to blind your team temporarily. This is yet another…

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Feature: Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Titan Omega raid boss guide

The third raid boss in the Project Titan raid in Ghost Recon Breakpoint that we'll be talking about is Titan Omega - otherwise known as Gargoyle. This flying drone is kinda large, but the main issue is the arena itself. Lasers will dart across the battlefield at varying heights, meaning that you need to climb some ledges or duck under the lasers as they pass. Worse…

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Feature: I'm afraid I can't do that, Dave.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Titan Beta raid boss guide

Ghost Recon Breakpoint's second raid boss is a tricky one to handle without communicating with your teammates. In fact, you'll need a headset to even stand a chance, since you'll either be relaying instructions to your teammates or confirming when you've pressed your node button. Failure to work as a team will result in you suffocating due to poison gas, so it's imperative that you…

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Ghost Recon Breakpoint skills – best perks, how to complete class level challenges

Four classes are available from the getgo in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. They all cater to different styles of play, such as snipers, close-quarter combat, or those that like to be sneaky. More will be added as the months progress, but each one will have its own skills to unlock and other perks to equip. We're currently collating data for all the level up challenge requirements…

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Ghost Recon Breakpoint weapons – best sniper rifle, how to upgrade your guns

With Ghost Recon Breakpoint, weapons and armour now have levels, rarities, and other RPG-like things, bringing it more in line with The Division. But that's not the only thing you need to keep an eye on as there are plenty of upgrades for the guns in the game, as there are attachments and even upgraded versions of the main weapons in the game. We've also…

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Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s new mission is to fix the game

Though I played and enjoyed Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands, I avoided Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint like it was Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Racist Uncle At A Party. The build-up to its release did not do a good job of making me want to wander tactically through some forests with a friend, and our review gave me little reason to overrule that. A lot…

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Feature: GPUs and HDR explained

What graphics card do I need for HDR and what PC games support it?

HDR on PC hasn't improved much in 2019. Despite there being more HDR gaming monitors than ever before, the very best gaming monitors for HDR continue to be quite expensive compared to non-HDR monitors, and the situation around Windows 10 support for it is still a bit of a mess. However, provided you're willing to fight through all that, then the next step on your path to…

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Ubisoft delay Watch Dogs Legion, Rainbow Six Quarantine, and Gods & Monsters

Ubisoft have announced delays for hack 'em up Watch Dogs Legion, zombie spin-off Rainbow Six Quarantine, and the Zelda-lookin' Gods & Monsters, pushing their vague release windows deeper into 2020. They're now all due in Q2 or Q3 of Ubisoft's 2021 fiscal year, which in humanspeak means from July to December 2020.The blast of business news also included word that launch sales of Ghost Recon…

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Ghost Recon Breakpoint faction missions: How to get Battle Points

If you're completely finished with Ghost Recon Breakpoint's main missions and side missions, the game does have something to keep you playing. Faction missions and Faction Support tasks allow you to build up Battle Points, used to unlock new features in the current Season, that is if Ghost Recon Breakpoint is still grabbing your attention at this point.

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Ghost Recon Breakpoint Year 1: Episode 1 – Operation Greenstone

It's the very nature of big open-world games, like Ghost Recon Breakpoint, to have additional features introduced over the course of a year or more. In the case of Breakpoint, the big content updates first be coming as part of Episode 1 - Operation Greenstone. Here, the game will be getting a new raid, the fifth class, and a live event that features a collaboration…

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Ghost Recon Breakpoint signature weapons – how to get all the best guns

Well, it turns out there are five signature weapons in Ghost Recon Breakpoint and all of them are tied to main missions. We have access to some of the best weapons in the game and they pack a rather meaty punch. Since these are significantly boosted versions of decent weapons found on normal grunts, they are certainly well worth seeking. Naturally, you'll want to nab…

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