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Ghost Recon Breakpoint signature weapons - how to get all the best guns

Well, it turns out there are five signature weapons in Ghost Recon Breakpoint and all of them are tied to main missions. We have access to some of the best weapons in the game and they pack a rather meaty punch. Since these are significantly boosted versions of decent weapons found on normal grunts, they are certainly well worth seeking. Naturally, you'll want to nab the most powerful gear and I don't blame you; after all, they are "signature" for a reason.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint signature weapons guide

Our Ghost Recon Breakpoint signature weapons guide has the locations and steps of how to obtain the signature weapons in the game. They are the Flycatcher's P90Silverback's KSG12Zastrava M93, Sharp Thunder, and the Silver Stake Tactical.

This guide is specifically detailing the steps needed to be taken to get Signature Weapons. If you're looking for more details on weapons themselves and how to effectively use them, our Ghost Recon Breakpoint weapons guide has the information you seek.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint silverback

Silverback's KSG12 - See No Evil

Silverback's KSG12 is a shotgun that packs a serious punch in the roster of Ghost Recon Breakpoint signature weapons. By completing the set of missions starting with "Blake's Law" and ending with "An eye for an A.I", you'll unlock a mission called "See No Evil."

Begin the mission by infiltrating the research facility and speaking to one of the scientists. He'll inform you that Silverback is someone who finds you, rather than you finding him. He'll give you a bit of intelligence that suggests he contacted the commander of Outpost Black Tiger in New Argyll. Head there and incapacitate one of the commanders. You may wish to take out some of the Wolves in addition to snipers and anyone who can call for reinforcements. Interrogate a commander by shooting them in the leg, not the head, then grabbing them and pressing the button to interrogate.

He'll eventually divulge information suggesting that people are being taken to Good Hope Mountain. Head to Moon Lake in the Good Hope Mountain region and approach from the south-west of the river. It'll be frozen over. You could theoretically assault the location and draw enough enemy fire to lure Silverback from his position, however it's far safer to infiltrate via the big tunnel to the south of the main entrance - to the right as you look at the main entrance. It's guarded by a lone Wolves Sniper, so take him out before venturing inside. You'll then need to sneak around until you find Silverback and are able to kill him. You'll find the Silverback KSG12 signature gun blueprint for your troubles and can loot the chests in the base to find a further attachment and skill chest, so there's no time like now to go and get it.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint signature weapon

Flycatcher's P90 - Hear No Evil

The Flycatcher's P90 is one of the more useful Ghost Recon Breakpoint signature weapons we've obtained so far. Play through the game and eventually, you'll split into three separate pathways to recover some lost scientists. While saving Paula in "Without a Trace" from the clutches of Sentinel, you'll learn about Flycatcher, one of Walker's "Alpha Wolves". Upon safely delivering her to the outcasts, you'll unlock the mission "Hear No Evil".

Hear No Evil is a mission that I would recommend doing only once you've achieved Gear Level 50. That means the average of your equipped weapons and armour should total 50. Once done, you'll need to head into three separate locations to gather intel. One is a base, while the other two are research facilities full of scientists. Once you've obtained all three pieces of intel, head towards the Arrow Testing Zone. I would highly recommend doing this by taking the yellow road to the south down towards the base and driving as fast as you can into the base.

From there, you'll need to sneak your way down the ladder shaft and into the main hangar. Take it slowly and if you're spotted, make sure you have a gun that reloads quickly and excels at close range. There will be drones and Wolves present, so you'll want to be sure you're ready for a fight. Once you've cleared everyone out, watch for the automated turret. Hack the computer in the centre of the room for the access key.

Head back up the shaft and if you didn't clear the enemies up here, do so before opening the door. Inside there will be several wolves, a couple of drones, and an automated turret. One of the wolves is Flycatcher, who has the intel. Kill him with a well-placed headshot and nab his intel to complete the mission and nab the Flycatcher P90 signature gun blueprint. You'll also find a chest inside here with the attachment found in this location, so make sure you pick it up before heading out.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Zastava

Zastrava M93 - Speak No Evil

At the same point as the others, you'll have a quest line that begins with "Under Herzog's Control" and ends with "A Great Escape". You'll learn of one of the Alpha Wolves - namely Rosebud. She is apparently tasked with hunting down those who escape Sentinel's clutches, like a hound hunting a runaway fox.

In the mission "Speak No Evil", you must visit several locations to gather intel on where her base is. These include a research colony and a fishing village. Gather the intel and you’ll eventually be told two survivors escaped. One is nearby in the hills. Don’t provoke the Wolves nearby as they have a drone unit with them that packs a punch. When you find her, she tells you her friend went to Lake Bulkington.

Head over there in a chopper and find the small island in the middle of the lake. Talk to the woman and she’ll tell you that Rosebud is in the base north-west of the lake. Fly to the summit and make sure you properly recon the area. Unlike the other missions of this ilk, the base is rather small and can be seen in its entirety with one recon drone.

There are more snipers here than anywhere else compared to other units, they’re all Wolves, and your target can severely injure you with one shot. Being severely injured means that you can only use a handgun, so make sure you are efficient with your shots. Luckily, she goes down with one shot like the rest and she has the Zastrava M93 signature gun blueprint.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint silver stake tactical

Silver Stake Tactical & Sharp Thunder - Brother vs Brother

This mission takes place in several stages. You could technically start this one immediately, but it's better to kill the three alpha wolves as detailed above first as you get a vital bit of intel. It also helps because it gets your gear level as close to 150 as possible, which is what you will need to complete the mission.

You will need to gather intel from nearby commanders in the area to find out where Walker is, as your mission is to assassinate him before he enacts his grand plan. He'll be in Howard Airfield, which is on the border of Sinking Country and Cape North. It's an isolated place, but it's one that's just about accessible via gaps in the walls.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint sharp thunder

How to destroy the Behemoth

Before you can access the communication's tower where Walker is hiding, you need to destroy perhaps the biggest drone in the game. This Behemoth is gear level 150 and surrounded by soldiers whose aim is to distract you long enough for the Behemoth to bomb you with a barrage of missiles. My tip is to stealthily take out the rest of the snipers and rocket launcher soldiers first, then try and take out the rest before alerting the drone. If it is alerted, hang back as it can't seem to escape from the central compound.

Once you've taken enough enemy troops out, it's time to take down the big tank. The vehicles dotted around are a massive red herring as the Behemoth can just pummel it with missiles. What you really want to do is head for the building that's close to the lake in the north-east of the base and surrounded by grass. Hunker down inside to hide from the missiles. Then, using explosive weapons such as the rocket launcher, you'll want to chip off its armour plating before shooting at the exposed electrics with the best guns you have on you. Any with damage bonuses against drones will work, as long as they're a high enough level.

Keep shooting at it through the gaps and take time to back off further inside when rockets are launched at the building. You will likely need to heal, so go far inside and use the medkit to bring your health back to full. Rinse and repeat to destroy the Behemoth. Head for the communications tower to begin your encounter with Walker.

How to kill Walker

If you're struggling to kill Walker because of his Wolves and the fact that he has protective armour drones that need killing first, there's a way to cheese this fight. As soon as you gain control of your character, dash to your left and up the staircase. Drop a lot of mines on the stairs, somewhere near the top. Then, wait for the Wolves to arrive at the bottom. Have a weapon with lots of ammo per clip, like a LMG, and just unload on them. You should take them out before they reach the mines.

Walker, on the other hand, will do one of two things. He'll either head up the stairs and trigger the mines, or he'll get stuck somewhere. If he is heading upstairs, the mines will detonate, killing all the drones, before another mine or your LMG fire kills Walker himself. If he gets stuck, look to see if you can take out the drones. Since they don't respawn, shooting the drones down will mean that you can just get a cheeky headshot on him.

In my experience, he got caught behind the bookshelf to the left of the stairs as you look going downwards. This was a prime position to take out the drones, before popping a bullet in Walker's dome. You'll unlock both the Silver Stake Tactical assault rifle and the Sharp Thunder desert eagle for your efforts. If you have the "Checkmate" mission on the go, it's just a case of using the computer to get the final step of the mission complete.

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