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Ghost Recon Breakpoint - where to find the preorder bonus items

Did you preorder or buy a special edition of Ghost Recon Breakpoint? If so, you may be wondering where your digital bonus items are. It's not completely obvious, but they are around and waiting for you to pick them up or make them in-game. 

Ghost Recon Breakpoint preorder bonus guide

This guide will go over the steps to unlocking the preorder bonus items and the special edition items in-game.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Erewhon - shop

How to find Ghost Recon Breakpoint bonus items

The vast majority of Ghost Recon Breakpoint bonus items are found in Erewhon. To get them, progress through the game as far as the first time you visit Erewhon. This happens around 15-20 minutes into the game. From there, head into the shop and speak to Maria. You'll then be able to see the items available to create in the Weapon Blueprints section, which is the third one along the tabs at the top.

As for the rest, you can find them in the inventory. Head to the "Customise" menu and select Gear. For vehicles, they can be found in the bivouacs around the archipelago, including at Erewhon. Select vehicles and tab over to the vehicles to see them. There are no preorder or bonus armour items.

ghost recon breakpoint preorder

What bonus items come with the Ghost Recon Breakpoint preorder?

For preordering the game, you get the Sentinel Corp Pack. This contains three Ghost Recon Breakpoint bonus items:

Sentinel Corp Pack

  • Valor Assault Rifle (Weapon blueprint - Erewhon shop)
  • Sentinel Mk.2 Heavy Outfit (Outfit - customise/gear)
  • Hammer Mk.2 vehicle (Vehicle - bivouac)

ghost recon breakpoint gold

What bonus items are in Ghost Recon Breakpoint gold edition?

The Gold edition comes with a Year 1 pass that will immediately give you access to the following Ghost Recon Breakpoint bonus items:

Special Operation Forces Pack

  • "Quiet" DMR (Weapon blueprint - Erewhon shop)
  • Covered ACH (Outfit - customise/gear)
  • CRYE G3 Combat Pant (Outfit - customise/gear)
  • Cross Draw vest (Outfit - customise/gear)

As for the mission "Siren's Call", this is available as soon as you finish the first mission and will show up on the map. This is a high-level mission though, so you probably don't want to do it immediately. You also will get some missions later in the year.

ghost recon breakpoint ultimate

What bonus items are in Ghost Recon Breakpoint ultimate edition?

The ulitmate edition and the Wolves Collector's edition  also comes with the Year 1 pass, but also comes with the "Ultimate Pack." This has three separate packs that contain the following Ghost Recon Breakpoint bonus items:

Survivor Pack

  • "Promise" handgun (Weapon blueprint - Erewhon shop)
  • "Primal" CQC weapon skin (Outfit - customise/gear)
  • Survivor set that has Bandana, Pants, and ALICE Chest Rig (Outfit - customise/gear)

Sacred Land Pack

  • An additional mission.
  • Melee weapon for saving Sacred Land from its enemies. (Outfit - customise/gear)

Off-Road Pack

  • Trail TX Motorbike (Vehicle - bivouac)
  • GX Spider Buggy (Vehicle - bivouac)
  • Four customisation options for each vehicle. (Outfit - customise/gear)

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