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Terminators started wreaking havoc in Ghost Recon Breakpoint today

Judgement Day

From today until February 6th, Ghost Recon Breakpoint is having an edgy-looking Terminator event, with two brand new free missions and a bunch of exclusive items to earn for taking out those pesky T-800s. Because it wasn't weird enough that Predator already exists in the Ghost Recon universe.

In a scenario that sounds suspiciously familiar, a woman has appeared claiming to be from the future, and it's up to you to help her find and destroy the Terminator threats that have started appearing in a new location on Auroa.

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The woman you're looking for is named Rasa Aldwin, and you'll need to chat with her to get your first main mission. She needs your help finding "a soldier that just won't quit", and "with the help of Rasa’s special weapon, you’ll have a fighting chance against anything that stands in your way."

It's not much to go on but it all sounds rather dramatic. Once you've completed that one, on February 3rd the second mission unlocks - we don't know what that one will be yet, but there are going to be daily missions too (it's worth noting that these won't be replayable, however).

But what about the rewards? Because that's what we really want from these special limited time events. Well, there's 23 you can earn over the course of the event, free ones include the Shredded T-800 Face Paint, an Uzi and the RT5 Shepherd Terminator vehicle - you can see a few more of the freebies in the trailer above too. Everything is appropriately Terminator-themed, and there are some items available to buy with Skell Credits as well (which you can either earn from playing, or buy with the premium Ghost Coins currency).

"How does a squad of elite Ghosts stack up against an unstoppable killing machine from the future?" I have literally no idea, but maybe this gameplay video of some Ghost Recon mad lads going face to face with some (quite stoppable looking, actually) Terminators will have the answer.

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The Terminators are getting around a bit recently, not only have they cropped up in Gears 5, but Arnie's been taking people out in Mortal Kombat 11 too. It's almost like The Terminator doesn't have its own game.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint's Terminator event runs from today until Thursday 6th February, and you can take a look at the patch notes and event page for more info.

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