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Ghost Recon Breakpoint faction missions: How to get Battle Points

If you're completely finished with Ghost Recon Breakpoint's main missions and side missions, the game does have something to keep you playing. Faction missions and Faction Support tasks allow you to build up Battle Points, used to unlock new features in the current Season, that is if Ghost Recon Breakpoint is still grabbing your attention at this point.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Haruhi - leader of the Outcasts

Ghost Recon Breakpoint faction missions guide

Our Ghost Recon Breakpoint faction missions guide goes through exactly what faction missions are, how to get battle points, and details the full Act 1 rewards for the current season of Battle Rewards.

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What are Battle Rewards?

For every mission you complete, you'll get Battle Points that act as a way to track your progress through each Battle Tier. For every Battle Tier you achieve, you'll unlock an item that includes things like new blueprints, details on which ones can be found in our Ghost Recon Breakpoint blueprint locations guide, as well costume items and "Battle Supplies".

Ghost Recon Breakpoint faction missions

How do I get Battle Points?

Battle Points, or BP for short, are earned by completing either Faction Missions or Faction Support tasks. There is a daily limit of 400BP that you can earn, so you don't have to finish every mission on the list.

It's unclear at this point in time if there is any difference between Faction Missions and Faction Supports, but they tend to be themed around similar themes in the Chapter description. There is a time limit for chapters and missions reset on a daily basis.

If there is a skull with a dagger next to it, the mission you complete are harder than general faction missions, but they shouldn't take more than a few minutes to complete.

As was pointed out in the comments by the user "mareeh", you can also get Battle Points as a reward for playing Ghost War PVP. You'll get anywhere between 25 and 155 BP per match, depending on how good your team is. This does not seem to be capped unlike playing Faction Missions.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Mads - leader of the Homesteaders

Homesteaders and Outcasts

You may have noticed that there are two factions in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Homesteaders you'll encounter very early on in the game and they just want to survive. Mads Schulz is the main point of contact.

As for the Outcasts, they appear in the main mission to save a scientist from Flycatcher. You'll need to fly back to their base to drop off the scientist so she can recover. Haruhi Ito, your point of contact, is the leader of the Outcasts who are trying to stop Project Deus through questionable means.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint faction rewards

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Faction Rewards - Act 1

Finally, before we go, here are the faction rewards in numbered list form for quick reference. You have until December 3rd, 2019 to complete the full 49 Battle TiersThe numbers correspond with each of the Battle Tiers:

  1. Sentinel Goggles (Appearances)
  2. Black Paint C (Appearances)
  3. G28 Scout | Wolves (Blueprint)
  4. Battle Supplies
  5. USAF Digital Tiger (Gear Paint)
  6. Battle Supplies
  7. Trail EX | Zebra (Vehicle)
  8. Serrated Edge | Wolves (Melee)
  9. Battle Supplies
  10. Tank Top (Appearances)
  11. Battle Supplies
  12. King Cobra (Emblem)
  13. Battle Supplies
  14. Tiger Stripe (Weapon Paint)
  15. Camo Finger Paint 5 (Appearances)
  16. Battle Supplies
  17. Nightmare | Brown (Melee)
  18. Battle Supplies
  19. 416 Shorty (Blueprint)
  20. Battle Supplies
  21. Path Watcher Mk.II | Jungle (Vehicle)
  22. Battle Supplies
  23. UCP-D (Gear Paint)
  24. Battle Supplies
  25. P227 | Survival (Blueprint)
  26. Battle Supplies
  27. Battle Supplies
  28. Boson | Black (Vehicle)
  29. Battle Supplies
  30. British DPM (Weapon Paints)
  31. Battle Supplies
  32. Crye AVS1000 Pack (Backpack)
  33. Hold This Position (Emote)
  34. Battle Supplies
  35. AK74 Assault (Blueprint)
  36. Battle Supplies
  37. Battle Supplies
  38. MK48 Compact (Blueprint)
  39. Battle Supplies
  40. Ghost Ghillie Pants (Appearances)
  41. Battle Supplies
  42. Gold (Weapon Paint)
  43. Cut you So Bad (Emote)
  44. Battle Supplies
  45. German 3 Color (Gear Paint)
  46. Opheis Mk.II | Snow (Vehicle)
  47. M4A1 Tactical (Blueprint)
  48. Battle Supplies
  49. Battle Supplies (Gold flashing)

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