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Ghost Recon Breakpoint raids - raid boss guides, how to enter the raid

Raids have arrived to Ghost Recon Breakpoint and it's evident that they're proving to be a bit of a challenge to those jumping in for the first time. These are four-player missions where cooperation is key to overcoming the challenges ahead. The first raid is called "Project Titan" and will challenge players to fight big drones, so they'll need to have the best gear they can get. We've now completed our small set of guides on how to defeat the four raid bosses, so you and your raid squad can easily snag some great raid loot.

ghost recon breakpoint project titan

Ghost Recon Breakpoint raid guide

Our Ghost Recon Breakpoint raid guide will go over the requirements for getting into the raid, so you can prepare before launch. It will also go over everything we know about the Ghost Recon Breakpoint raid release date for "Project Titan".

  • When is the first Ghost Recon Breakpoint raid release date?: It's out now!
  • How do I enter the Ghost Recon Breakpoint raids?: You need to get your character to Gear Level 150. Full instructions are below.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint raid release date

Raids appeared a little early than the early December 2019 release date, but the important thing is that they're now live!

The first mission of Ghost Recon Breakpoint raid mode is called "Project Titan", and will be a four-player cooperative mode where "super robot" enemies and "drone titan" bosses will be your opponents for the mission. It takes place on an active volcano on Golem Island.

It will also be replayable when the servers refresh and contain exclusive raid rewards to obtain for your character. There will be other raids throughout the year to come and you'll find details on those in our Ghost Recon Breakpoint Year 1 guide.

ghost recon breakpoint gear level 150

How to enter Ghost Recon Breakpoint raids

You'll need to be at Gear Level 150 to unlock the raid missions when the time comes. To get there, you'll need to shoot a lot of enemies and loot a lot of chests, making sure to equip the gear you get along the way. Note that this will take a long time. You can find out more about gear levels in our Ghost Recon Breakpoint gear level guide.

I suggest that to prepare yourself, you complete the main campaign and a few of the side missions until you reach about Gear Level 130-140. For the last ten or so levels, you won't need to do a ton more grinding away at enemies. Just keep looting the gear you find on them until your main gear level average is 150 or higher. Note that we have circled your gear level in red in the image above.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Raids desk

Once you have filled the equipment all the way to level 150, you can send your character back to Erewhon where you'll be able to accept missions from Jericho. You may have forgotten who she is as she's introduced when you first come to Erewhon, but she will act as the main point of contact and mission giver for the raid missions. She's located close to Mads Schulz, with information about her location found in our Ghost Recon Breakpoint Erewhon guide.

Alternatively, you should also be able to access the Ghost Recon Breakpoint raids in the Objectives Board of the pause menu, to the left-hand side where the PVP Ghost War menu is found. Like how PVP Ghost War has its own set of missions in the "Sgt.Brown" icon, there is an icon for "Jericho" to the right of the raid option - the screenshot above has the placeholder image where players can access raids. The only mission found in "Jericho's missions menu" at this time is to reach Gear Level 150, in preparation for when the raids come out.

You'll need to partner up with four other players, so I'd recommend using the Ghost Recon Breakpoint Discord channel if you can't find reliable companions in matchmaking. Four players is a hard cap, and if people disconnect, it can be a little tricky to get them back. To do this, go into the party tab on the menu - the one with the people, and click on the name of the recent player to try to invite them back.

ghost recon breakpoint - project titan

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Project Titan raid boss guides

The first raid now available and is broken down into four different sections. Annoyingly, it seems that you need to complete each one in sequence and that can take up to an evening's worth of sneaking around. While the missions themselves seem to just be focused on gaining intel, carefully shooting and eliminating bad guys, and proceeding onwards, each one culminates in a face-off against four separate bosses. You can check out the guides for each of the Ghost Recon Breakpoint raid bosses below:

Ghost Recon Breakpoint guide links

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