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Ghost Recon Breakpoint NVG locations - where to find night vision goggles

For some reason, there seems to be a lot of attention surrounding night vision goggles in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. I mean I guess it's understandable if you want to look the part of a spec ops soldier, but they don't do anything other than make you stand out a little more than normal. But who are we to judge. Here are the locations of all the NVGs in the game.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint NVG location guide

Our Ghost Recon Breakpoint NVG location guide shows you where to find the night vision goggles we've found, from the map location to the exact point where the chest is and how to get there on-foot.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint NVG 1 World Seedvault

Ghost Recon Breakpoint L3GP NVG location

To find the L3GP night vision goggles, head to the Worldseed Vault. It's just slightly north of Gold Digger Pass, close to the border of New Stirling to the north-west. You'll find a bivouac nearby that you can set your helicopter down close to. From here, look to the north-east and you'll see a helipad and a bunch of soldiers. Take them out and head inside the facility. You'll need to fight off waves of enemies as you descend further down into the basement.

After you've cleared out the enemies, head to the main storage facility and look to the back of the room towards the right. Here you'll be able to find the L3GP NVGs. To equip them, head into the "Customize" section of the pause screen, and check out the T-shirt icon. These are accessories and you can find NVGs there.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint NVG 2 map

Ghost Recon Breakpoint PS15ATN NVG location

The PS15ATN NVG is located in the Channel, between Freeman Plain and Providence Mountain. You'll find the "Step Up Startup", which is a small office community guarded by soldiers and drones. Be sure to scout it out first. If you want my advice, look for the sniper first and take him out, then as many troops as you can before shooting at the Power Generator. Once you've eliminated enough enemies, head towards the south-east of the facility, being careful of the ID drones, and you should see the chest containing the goggles.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Steiner Vision NVG location

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Steiner Vision NVG location

The last Ghost Recon Breakpoint NVG is the Steiner Vision. This is located in Liberty, south of Small Lake and north of Summer Lake. It should be relatively straightforward to obtain as it's in the centre of the complex, but it is guarded by a lot of people. Take out the drones first if you can, then the sniper at the top of the facility. The rest of the enemies should be easy to take down if you're experienced enough with using your drones to find them.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint

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