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Ghost Recon Breakpoint sneaks into open beta next week

Welcome to the jungle

It's always bummed me out that Ghost Recon doesn't delve into the supernatural. We've done the tactical shooting thing a thousand times already, but F.E.A.R was ages ago, and it only had the one ghost. Let me take my band of ruff n' tuff soldier boys and steal into the jungle with mystic charms and mortar support, scoping out spooks at the end of a big gun. You could even go face to face with big man Clancy as well, now he's in the dirt.

Ah, well. Ghost Recon Breakpoint doesn't have ghosts, but it does have robots. Robots you can shoot next week when Breakpoint's open beta opens fire.

There's more content to dig into than our boys got to experience in their closed beta banter earlier this month. The open beta adds two new regions, New Argyll (known for its sweaters) and Infinity (known for its unknowable endlessness) on top of the four in closed beta, with three new story missions to plug away at. Malicious ghosts will also get to fight each other in four PvP maps for 4v4 showdowns.

Matt and Brendan found Breakpoint to be a pretty buggy affair (and we're not just talking about the bees). The boys were really buzzed off by the directionless feel of their island escapades, and the obtuse menu design stung. Hopefully, some of those more glaring issues have been tidied up - it would be nice to be sitting inside a helicopter while it flies away, after all. It is quite a stunner, mind, and the shooting is good shooting if you're into guns and that.

Plus, there are always those bees. I'll always give the time of day to a bumbling bug boy.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint's open beta runs through September 26th-29th, ahead of the game's October 4th launch on Uplayand the Epic Games Store. You can sneak in via Uplay by pre-loading the Beta starting September 24th. See this blog post for more on the open beta.

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