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Gift That Keeps On Gibbing: Hard Reset's Free DLC

Well, this sort of came out of nowhere - not that I'm complaining, mind you. After already waving its magically miserly wand and poofing our dusty old copies of Hard Reset into shiny Extended Editions for free, Flying Wild Hog's seen fit to hand out yet another freebie. [Edit: It's actually the Extended Edition's content, but released as free DLC on Steam. Throw rotten vegetables at me, for I have been a fool.] Titled "Exile," it's available now and sends Major Fletcher into "the Barrens - dangerous lands beyond the last human city of Bezoar, where our hero will meet new foes and make new friends." Friendship always was my favorite part of Hard Reset.

So then, what's on the docket this time? Well, for zero item-obtaining monetary units, you get five new levels outside Bezoar, four new enemies, a new boss fight, two new survival maps, and more achievements - because objectives aren't real unless they come with achievements.

I'm especially liking the sound of outdoor levels, seeing as Hard Reset's dark cyberpunk cityscapes - though quite easy on even the least cybernetically enhanced of eyes - got a little same-y after a while. Also, Flying Wild Hog created a pretty magnificent engine, so it'll be nice to see it flex its bulging graphical biceps on some happy little bushes and trees. Or, well, maybe some vines, anyway. I can't think of too many dark cyberpunk worlds overflowing with lush vegetation.

Regardless, merely go here, open Steam, and the DLC will be yours. And if you don't already own Hard Reset, well, it's only $15. With the amount of post-launch content Flying Wild Hog's pumped into its sleek, modern tribute to old-school shooting, there are far, far worse deals out there.

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