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Hard Reset Redux Revamping Throwback FPS

Shiny shiny

Shadow Warrior 2 looks pretty dang swish, doesn't it? I've been pretty surprised by, and pleased with, how nicely Polish studio Flying Wild Hog's revive-o-rebooting of 3D Realms' vintage FPS has gone well. Now they're also returning to their own older work.

Hard Reset Redux is coming, a revamp of the throwback FPS they released in 2011. It doesn't sound massively different, with fancied-up graphics and new enemies and a sword and things, but hey, I know Hard Reset found a fair few fans.

Our John was not one of them, and I must confess what I played in the demo didn't tickle my fancy either. But Flying Wild Hog's first Shadow Warrior was pretty fun and SW2 looks full-on fab, so I'd be curious to see what they'd change when revisiting HR.

The Redux is "reenergized for modern audiences with an upgraded visual engine and rebalanced gameplay, along with new enemies and weaponry (cyber-katana!)", according to publishers Gambitious.

That sounds relatively minor for a re-release but hey, I think this is mostly to take Hard Reset to PlayStation 4 and Xbone then we're getting the changes on the side. That's fine! I couldn't tell you if there'll be a discount for folks who own the original (I wouldn't expect it to be free), as details are pretty thin for now.

Hard Reset Redux is "coming soon", so presumably we'll find out more even sooner. For now, here's a trailer for the Redux and hey, the original Hard Reset is on sale for £1.99 on Steam right now.

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